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79AU | 5.12-5.20


Rakkaus Art, "Keep Going"

“In this series I use images of my body, bones and pieces I no longer have, or what has been put in its place.

As a young child, one form of treatment for my JRA was to inject gold into my body weekly…Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by mending the areas of breakage with a gold mixture. I like to think that is what they were trying to do for me.” – Rakkaus Art

J MUZACZ, "The New Yorker"
paste24, "Soul Elevation"

This week, our community manager is back with Part 2 of her series, Collaboration and Competition in Web3 Communities where she addresses competition within communities. Check out Part 1 of this series here

Collaboration and Competition in Web3 Communities: Exploring Community Competition

While the consensus agrees that the collaborative aspect of developed communities is what fosters the sense of niche inclusivity that is a defining factor of Web3 over its predecessors; that same tight-knit atmosphere contributes forward momentum by pushing competing projects to prove themselves worthy of community support by creating and embracing utility. Thus far the NFT space has largely progressed with a high focus on profits, but the potential in collectively competitive, utility-oriented communities could possibly turn the tide on what motivates projects to grow in Web3. The new buzzword “utility,” an apt replacement for 2021’s demand for a “use case” in decentralized finance, has a commanding hold on communities as they search for additional intrinsic value in their investments.

NFT’s serve utility beyond existing as digital assets in multiple sectors of what community members now consider their daily lives. There are tokens for gaming, the Metaverse, social spaces, and real estate. As these projects evolve within their respective market share, communities and project managers become the voice of what traits and perks will ultimately be rolled out to holders. Decisions about the type of community that a project should target, the size and scalability, along with the ability to provide impactful content to rally around on highly visible social media channels become driving factors of project progression. In essence, the art is your ticket, and utility is the show.

Continuing to look at the Bored Apes ecosystem as a powerhouse, OtherDeed for Otherside is an example of these principles in action. The Yuga Labs based project sold out in mere hours and quickly became one of most sought after drops in the NFT space.

OtherDeed for Otherside, #95210 | Owned by Iamcode

Otherside, a gamified metaverse in which users can turn their NFTs into playable characters, launched with 55,000 “Otherdeeds” as virtual, tokenized land deeds required to claim space in Otherside. The team behind BAYC has expressed that this project will utilize APECOIN, the Bored Ape Yacht Club-affiliated cryptocurrency, for its circular economy and has promised to continue building the total user experience over time. 

As each piece of land comes with rare and specific attributes that are highly desired by those within the community, the price is driven up with each resale and further propels the project into “blue chip” status. As the community grows and searches for return on their investment, Yuga Labs and BAYC must also grow to meet demand and maintain relevance in an over saturated market. There is an expectation that these pieces of land will generate passive income for holders by combining scarcity with utility, effectively creating an environment where third parties are willing to compete with each other financially for a coveted spot in the community. 

Still in their early stages, NFT’s with utility provide more to investors than just ROI driven by a scarcity factor. Thriving communities that focus on realizing their concepts and implementing their benefits into innovative eventual daily use inadvertently create a sense of urgency for alternative projects to remain lucrative. In a space where many projects can seem incredibly similar depending on the corner of the market they’re attempting to capitalize; this earnest pace is imperative to sustainable growth.

Miss last week’s call for artists for NFT.NYC? Check out all the details on 79Au.

Weekly Recap

79AU | 5.6-5.12


Z Creative Media, "Cryptographic Power"
Allan Linder, "Thought Creation"
Lucasaoki, "New Horizons"


This June, Mint Gold Dust returns to NFT.NYC with an exclusive IRL auction at the official NFT.NYC VIP Dinner on June 20th, 2022 

Immediately after launching our platform in November, we hosted an auction at NFT.NYC 2021 where we auctioned off rare and vintage NFTs, including a RAREPEPE Satoshi Nakamoto that was sold  to Metakovan for $500,000. 

Since then, we have continued to onboard artists and collectors, hosted online exhibitions, and brought another iteration of our auction to ETH Denver in February where we sold works by Android Jones, Mr. Soul, and others. 

For our upcoming auction in June, we are opening up the call for artists to the community. Whether you have minted with us in the past or you are looking to explore Mint Gold Dust for the first time, we want to see your art. We will be accepting submissions until May 31st, 2022. Please email your proposed work to with the subject line “NFT.NYC Auction Submission” to be considered. 

Additionally, we are putting out a call to our collectors. Collectors are an integral part of the ecosystem, and so often they don’t have the opportunity to share their collection with the world. As a part of our activation with NFT.NYC, we will be displaying NFTs directly from our collectors’ wallets around the venue, courtesy of our frame partner TokenFrame. Email for more info on how to display your NFTs with us. 

See you in June in New York! 

Miss last week’s 79Au where we interviewed pioneer Arab artist Dia al-Azzawi about his genesis NFT collection, Freddie 1.0 on Mint Gold Dust? Check out our conversation here.

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Weekly Recap

79AU | 4.28-5.5


Dia al-Azzawi, Freddie 1.0 #1
Dia al-Azzawi, Freddie 1.0 #2
Dia al-Azzawi, Freddie 1.0 #5

For this special edition of 79Au, we are highlighting Freddie 1.0, the genesis NFT collection from pioneer Arab artist Dia al-Azzawi.

For over half a century, Dia al-Azzawi’s work has celebrated Arab culture while blurring the boundaries between art forms and embracing new technologies. His iconic paintings and sculptures have been exhibited all around the world, and today at 12pm EST, his first NFT collection drops on Mint Gold Dust

Dia al-Azzawi in front of one of his paintings - Courtesy of the artist

Ahead of the launch, we talked with Dia about his jump into NFTs and the inspiration behind the collection as a whole. Check it out below:

Tell us about your new NFT collection, Freddie 1.0.

This collection of eight digital sculptures is inspired by my grandson, Freddie, whose enthusiasm for playing and interacting with the world around him is a source of constant joy to me. I have attempted to capture this enthusiasm in the form of a toy that any young child might want to play with, which also reflects the energy and passion of youth itself. Instead of realizing these works as physical objects that could become irrelevant and be easily discarded, I decided that the idea of creating sculptures that can be stored forever on a Blockchain would be more relevant to Freddie as he grows up. They can be passed down to future generations. 

What inspired you to create an NFT collection after finding success in the traditional art world over the past few decades?

I am best known for traditional artforms, such as painting on canvas and cast bronze sculptures, but embracing new technology has always been one of the most important ways in which I keep my practice relevant. For example, I have been creating artworks and designing other objects on Illustrator and Photoshop for many years; so the computer often replaces my traditional sketchbooks and has therefore become an essential part of my work. I have also used non-traditional techniques, such as 3D scanning and printing, to realize some of these ideas as physical sculptures, so it seemed a natural progression to start realising them as NFTs. 

A Dia al-Azzawi sculpture - Courtesy of the artist

Can you walk us through the process of creating these digital artworks? How did the creation process vary from painting or sculpting?

As mentioned above, I often design sculptural works on the computer and I originally intended to realise these sculptures via 3-D printing: this is how this NFTs collection started. When I learnt more about digital art, I understood that the possibilities of changing the sculptures were boundless and I found this freedom exhilarating. Even though bright colours are a key part of every part of my practice, I enjoyed exploring eclectic and vibrant colour combinations in this series due to this freedom.

Do you have a favourite piece from this collection?

The first one (which is entirely gold except for some red highlights) is my favourite as the overall form is the essence of any sculpture, while varying the colours and surface design comes later. 

What advice would you give other artists looking to get into the NFT space?

I have previously advised other artists to be modest but always be ready to challenge yourself with a new idea. The idea of making NFTs is extremely new so just try to make something and see how it goes!

Dia al-Azzawi

Dia al-Azzawi’s Freddie 1.0 launches today, 5/5, at 12pm EST on Mint Gold Dust. Click here to learn more about each piece and the collection.

Catch up on last week’s edition of 79Au where our community manager begins to break down the value of collaboration in Web3. Next week, she’ll be doing a a Part 2 focused on the importance of competition, collaboration’s counterpart. 

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Weekly Recap

79AU | 4.21-28


Allan Linder, Thought Creation

This piece is a part of Allan Linder’s latest collection, the Eternal Energy series. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it always was, always has been, everything that ever existed always exists, it’s moving into form, through form, and out of form.

“Your life right now is a mirror of your past thoughts. ⁠ What will your life look like with your future thoughts? Today can be the first day of your new Thought Creation.” 

bebber, But Things Don't Really Change
Masha Ermeeva, Embrace
Collaboration and Competition in Web3 Communities:
A Deeper Dive into Collaboration

This week, our community manager does a deep dive into the importance of collaboration in Web3. Check back next week as we explore the value of competition.

Dynamic, collaborative communities are the backbone of successful projects in Web3. As they grow, they breed a new level of competition that is a driving force of the decentralized space. Empowered individuals with a refreshed sense of autonomy push for a more equitable and sustainable society through collaborating with like-minded parties who agree the future of the web can be better by being different.

Look no further than Bored Ape Yacht Club to understand the power in a forward-thinking community. The de facto rockstars of the NFT space have cultivated a billion-dollar ecosystem around viral images of bored apes. As they creep toward a million followers on Twitter, it’s impossible to ignore the chatter around the project and between community members. Holders relay news and updates via social media in real time, and you’d be hard-pressed to find an alternate faction without at least one Ape or Ape variant profile picture on display. The community creates their own merchandise, holds Twitter Spaces and AMAs for those entering their corner of the Metaverse, and continually propels the project to the top of searchable trends. 

But do these benefits only favor NFT collectors? An NFT co-op project that predates Bored Ape points to no. 

The demonstrated history between partnerships and building social capital paints a picture of exactly how imperative these bonds are to constructing a prosperous project in the NFT space that can be beneficial for artists. In early March of 2021, a 100-strong force known as The Ultimate Artist Collaboration not only minted out within minutes but crashed the platform hosting the project. The catch? The initial drop was anonymous, only hinting that there was a mix of both well and lesser-known artists in the partnership.

The Ultimate Artist Collaboration

Project curator, Loopifyyy, released his initiative with the aim to explore the way smaller collectors and artists value artwork. Reaching out to 100 artists with a 10-day deadline and 3 genres to choose from, Loopifyyy rallied a community of creatives around the project. The genesis launched at 0.3 Ethereum and has amassed 112 Ethereum in volume. While this number may seem lower in comparison to large names like Bored Ape, CryptoKitties, or Crypto Punks this specific instance of relative success is noteworthy as the project invited artists who would not have otherwise had an opportunity to enter the space due to problematic limitations like high gas fees, limited visibility, and inexperience with the necessary technology. There is potential in the collective. 

Projects that combine thoughtful leadership and a community willing to offer up its collective strength will more often than not succeed in the space and will continue to prove the value and, indeed, the necessity of creative collaboration. 

While the consensus agrees that the collaborative aspect of developed communities is what fosters the sense of niche inclusivity that is a defining factor of Web3 over its predecessors; that same tight-knit atmosphere contributes forward momentum by pushing competing projects to prove themselves worthy of community support by creating and embracing utility.

Last week, we announced our upcoming drop with Pioneer of Arab art, Dia al-Azzawi. Learn all about the upcoming collection and drop details here

Weekly Recap

79AU | 4.14-21


goldysucci, "Homo Metaverses"
Martin Lukas Ostachowski, "ETH Noise of 21 - Variety in Duality"
Joyce Korotkin, "Occurrence Species 3 / Transmutation 2"
Critically Acclaimed Arab artist Dia al-Azzawi to launch first NFT collection on Mint Gold Dust
Freddie Collection Preview

Pioneer of modern Arab art Dia al-Azzawi announces his genesis NFT collection, Freddie. The collection is set to drop May 5th on Mint Gold Dust, featuring 8 artworks.

Born in Baghdad in 1939, the 83-year-old artist is now living and working in London. His impressive work negotiates new relationships between the past and the present, and for the first time in his career, he has entered a new medium working in digital art.

Dia al-Azzawi in Studio

Inspired by his grandson Frederick, the NFT collection was created to express his love and fondness for his grandson and the importance of our future generations and what we leave behind. Young people hold the key to creating a better future for us and they are the most affected by what our world faces today.

Describing his new collection, Dia explained, “I wanted to create a body of work that captures a young child’s energy using the traditional shapes and colours I grew up with. By embracing this connection between the old and the new, the Freddie collection allows me to leave a piece of my childhood in the metaverse for future generations to enjoy.”

This first collection drop in the Freddie series is set to drop on Mint Gold Dust at 12pm EST on May 5th, 2022. Make sure to follow us on Twitter (@mintgolddust) for teasers from the drop.

Miss our last edition of 79Au where our new Community Manager discussed the importance of building empowered communities in web3? Catch up here.

Weekly Recap

79AU | 4.1-7


Sinuous Rills, "A New Dance Craze Called Acid #003"
Ben Snell, "Ritual Nature"
Carlitoz, "The Thin Line Between Genius & Madness"
Crypto Culture: Building Empowered Web3 Communities

There’s a message floating around the crypto space and as those invested watch the next evolutionary step of the internet unfold, it is being widely embraced; “You’re never too late to be early.” A new generation of investors are on the lookout for upcoming launches that could be life-changing in a sea of noisy start-ups vying for attention. A project can tote its talented development team, or tweet about secured grants and investment capital, but if the Web3 boom has taught these would-be investors anything, it’s that community can make or break a campaign.  

It’s clear that the most successful DeFi protocols, DAO’s, and blockchains have the support of strong communities behind them. Their multi-platform reach engages and encourages members to be active and bridges the gap between the teams working behind the scenes and those utilizing the end product. This opportunity for an audience to act as a voice in the shared idea of a project creates self-sustaining networking, and in turn community growth flourishes within the space as like-minded individuals connect.

Groups Gathered at ETH Denver 2022

So, what does that mean for Mint Gold Dust?

At its core, Mint Gold Dust was created to be a decentralized peer-to-peer platform for artists and collectors to transact seamlessly on chain. When we launched in November 2021, we began to grow our community by sponsoring and attending events such as NFT.NYC, ETH Denver, and more. Fast forward to 6 months in operation, we’re ready to kick that up a notch. 

Simply put, we want to invest in our growing community while providing information and transparency through active participation. Our artists and collectors remain the most valuable asset our project holds, and we’d like to include you in our development. As we continue to reflect and build on community feedback on how best to provide a unique working space for the intersection of art and technology, we are ready to make some big changes. 

paste24, "Soul Elevation"

The new Mint Gold Dust Discord has opened its doors and would like to extend an invitation to all artists and collectors in the space. Official announcements regarding significant changes will be pushed through these channels, and our community will be able to engage and provide feedback in real time. We need to know what’s working and where we have opportunities to grow. We’ll also be using this outlet to better connect individual artists with their collectors through providing an open house gathering space allowing for AMA’s and casual conversation.

Need to reach us faster or can’t wait to show us an artist you’ve found? We’re strengthening our presence on Twitter. Feel free to stop by and shout out to our Community Manager (our Resident Giraffe) or drop a link in the comments. We would love to see the art that captures your attention and uplift new and existing artists in the space. Show us what you’re working on for the day, or just pop in to say ‘gm’ — we’re around to say it back.

There’s more to come from Mint Gold Dust as we advance our ecosystem. We’re committed to continuing to highlight the voices of our artists and collectors, and that starts with giving each of you an inclusive space to share your thoughts and ideas while we move forward as a collective. Our strength is in our community, and we’re excited to have you mint your own gold dust with us. You’re definitely early.

March was a big month for Crypto events. Check out our recap of events in last week’s edition of 79Au here and subscribe to 79Au to be the first to hear about our plans for the next installment of NFT.NYC.