In Hackatao’s creation process, the stream of consciousness takes the shape of a stream of drawings. In the perpetuous and unstoppable flux of drawings that come to life from the unconscious, our inner demons and unspoken thoughts come to visit us and manifest in the form of art. In this artwork, the artists duo Hackatao goes even further, beyond the stream of visual manifestations, until reaching the matter itself.

Hackato, PRIMORDIAL (still), 2021

Before being guided by the hand of the artist and being shaped by the thought process, before being imprisoned in the wood of the pencil, graphite exists in its nebulous dimension. In this work by Hackatao graphite doesn’t follow the lines, it escapes the artistic gesture and it’s floating free through rebellious tectonic movements.

The duo keeps a jar of the left over art materials they have after a project that is filled with pencil nubs and graphite. To create this PRIMORDIAL, they used these left over materials to create something new. They reflect, “To us, this is our Gold Dust, the remnants and physical manifestation of the intangible experience of creation.”

Listen to our podcast with Hackatao below.