Lapin Mignon is known for her deeply personal and mesmerizing artworks. Her piece Anatomie D’Une Poussière d’Or (Gold Dust Anatomy) began in a meditative state thinking about what gold dust might mean to her. From that, flashes of abstract shapes, color, and 80s inspired motifs began coming to mind. When it came to creating the piece, Mignon prepped the canvas with splashes of color using watercolor paints. Then Mignon found their narrative by putting pen to paper and creating abstract shapes. To finish it off, the piece was splattered with gold paint in a way that was reminiscent of light summer rain after a storm. Mignon’s emotional carefree approach to this piece brought energy and life to the canvas, showcasing what gold dust means to her.

Lapin Mignon, Anatomie D’Une Poussière d’Or (Gold Dust Anatomy)

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