Gisel Florez began her artistic journey through the lens of a camera. Eventually, her lifelong pursuit in the development of her own unique visual language and her love of light play led her naturally to the vast potential in the digital art world.

Gisel Florez, Space in Touch, 2021

Her piece Space in Touch was inspired by analyzing physical responses associated to interacting within an exponentially digitized life & economy. This piece references the energetic response to a physical touch. A moment where gravitational forces are felt & can commune with self. This connection highlights one’s own humanity; an activation of center; an energy seldom experienced within digitized representations. Florez comments this, “Visual language is directional, radiating out to all who resonate; permeating the subconscious and readily available to sense the nuances of emotion it sparks within.”

Listen to our recent conversation with Gisel about her piece for the Genesis 8 collection below.