In the Chinese language, the pronunciation of the number 8, “ba,” is very similar to that of the word prosper, “fa,” making the number 8 the most auspicious of all the numbers.

For the Genesis 8 series, we asked our 8 artists to express what Gold Dust is for them through the filter of their artistic vision, style, and techniques. For some, it evokes nostalgia and remembrance. For others, it’s the primal spark of creation and nature.

For us, Gold Dust is something very special. Every object, and by extension every person, possesses inherent worth as well as the innate potential to metamorphose into something far greater than its present state.

Giant Swan, Metamorphosis (Still)

“Some years ago at an auction of Old World artifacts, I witnessed the sale of empty canvas sacks selling solely by weight. It baffled me that anyone would pay substantial sums for empty bags hundreds of years old and I inquired further. I then discovered these nondescript canvas sacks had once been used to transport immense quantities of gold. While the sacks were now empty significant quantities of gold dust still remained, filling the crevices and folds in the cloth. By practical alchemy, this precious residue had transformed otherwise mundane objects into coveted pieces of considerable worth,” Mint Gold Dust Founder, Kelly LeValley Hunt.

Mint Gold Dust is a place, somewhere in the universe, where all creators find a home and a chance to perpetuate their legacy. Everyone has their Gold Dust, everyone carries an aura of magic, and you are part of that yourself.

“The works that our Genesis 8 artists created are very special because they speak about the most intimate values of each artist as humans,” said Eleonora Brizi, Mint Gold Dust Curator. “Each artist was inspired by the essence of creativity and wonder, resulting in deeply intimate and unique pieces. Throughout the process, it was important for us to establish deep and meaningful relationships with each artist, a crucial part of Mint Gold Dust’s mission.”

Artists in this exclusive collection include Bard Ionson, Ben Snell, Lily Honglei, Hackatao, Giant Swan, Gisel Florez, Lapin Mignon, and MUEO.