Giant Swan sculpts stunning, exquisitely detailed, ethereal creations.  However he does not chip away at marble or mold clay; instead he plies his craft with a headset and controllers in the multi-dimensional medium of virtual reality.  The pliable fabric of virtual reality allows for his conception of movement and form a freer reign than a static medium ever could and produce eternally memorable work.

Giant Swan, Metamorphosis (still)

Giant Swan’s creative process really is a dance, the artist guides the brush with his body movements, accompanied by his biggest influencer that would always impact how he makes art in VR: music. Giant Swan’s latest work, Metamorphosis, is a personal reflection on the powerful relationship between hurt and transformation.

“In a moment of growth, I watched you sit and birth the most beautiful of spirits, It was you and your hope.

In a moment of hurt, you were so still and alone, I watched your spirit try, again and again, your hurt was stretching glass, these beings were you, they were tears and they were your fear, they comforted you and then quickly flee, their time seemed short and would illuminate around you, I think I was in awe.

But your spirit is a loop, It reaches out from a garden into the wood where it burns out into ash and wind. At the center of this herd is you, so full of love and care, so much more distant than I remember.

This loop is a cocoon look out at you from the center of this garden and I wake up before anything emerges.” — Giant Swan

Check out our conversation with Giant Swan below.