A duo of prolific multi-discipline artists of Chinese descent, Lily Honglei’s art explores the duality of opposing forces and the ensuing result as well as their experience as immigrants and Asian Americans.  Their work remains consistent and ripe with humanity as they explore and sample a variety of mediums, from AR art, to VR art, to video art as well as more traditional static mediums.  

Lily Honglei has had their work shown in museums around the world as well as countless exhibitions and presentations.

Lily Honglei, The Butterfly Lovers (still)

Artist duo Lily Honglei present The Butterfly Lovers, a painting series and animation that depicts the complex cultural identity of Asian American immigrants pursuing the “American Dream,” for Genesis 8. In this piece, Lily Honglei symbolically highlight the dichotomy of having dignity and pride of their heritage while also experiencing the profound loneliness and isolation that comes with deep seated prejudices against the Asian American community.

“As part of this marginal group, we have witnessed many tragic life and death stories of our friends who pursue American dreams. They have been struggling to be accepted and adapt to the new society tainted with prejudices against immigrants and minorities. The Butterfly Lovers symbolically reflects these spiritual struggles, cultural identity dilemmas, as well as resiliency in the Asian American community.” — Lily and Honglei

Learn more about the Artist Duo and The Butterfly Lovers by listening to our podcast with them below.