Every year, city dwellers and art lovers flock down to Miami for Art Week, and this year, NFT enthusiasts went with them.

After a year off due to the Covid-19 pandemic, art fairs made a triumphant return in Miami. Many are already reporting record breaking attendance numbers, but that wasn’t the main attraction. This year the name of the game was NFTs. There were pop up NFT galleries, parties, and large public installations of digital art.

Bard Ionson, Mystery Mission

One of those projects was Mint Gold Dust’s geo-drop with Illust Space. Using Augmented Reality technology, we created a scavenger hunt around Miami’s hottest fairs and attractions. Visitors were able to use their phones to reveal artworks from Mint Gold Dust’s marketplace that were hiding in plain sight. Artists in the drop included Hackatao, Gisel Florez, Bard Ionson, and more.

The drop was an effort to democratize the art presented during art week, promote NFT artists, and introduce the art and tech communities to the unique AR technology that can bring your wallet to life.

Dominique Czerednikow, Dream Variation

Ahead of the drop, Mint Gold Dust CEO Kelly LeValley Hunt praised, “Miami Art Week attracts artists and collectors from around the world. By ‘hacking’ art fairs around the city, we are securing NFTs & Digital Art for now and the future.”


Also featured in the drop was $WHALE x BREEZY, an NFT curation of rare NFTs from $WHALE’s famed collection, The Vault. The curatorial team at BREEZY, led by Mint Gold Dust curator Eleonora Brizi, worked with $WHALE’s Head of Art, Decryptolorian, and Illust Space to geo-drop 20 works from the collection.

Eleonora Brizi commented, “We’re bringing art directly to the people, changing the shape of the city, and bringing people and physical experiences together through a digital medium…Through AR, we are making art more accessible for everyone.”

Stay tuned for more geo-drops and live events in 2022!