Helena Martin, "Believe Yourself"
Jiminai, "Howdy from Austin"
Rakkaus Art, "Leaning into the Light"


Mint Gold Dust SXSW Recap
ZCreative Media, "Preserving Perseverance"

This past weekend, Mint Gold Dust celebrated the new Illust Space PoP (Proof of Presence) feature with an event in Austin, TX at Something Cool Studios. 

The event celebrated a city wide Augmented Reality (AR) Artwalk that featured over 30 artists from Austin and around the world. The theme, Tributary, centered around a local to global storyline by encouraging global change  through grassroots and local movements, curated by Searchlight.

Kelon, "Pure"

Artist Jeff Zavala of ZCreative Media expanded, 

“What if we could use blockchain and non-fungible tokens to preserve the culture of Austin?

Behind every great city is a thriving artist community but with the massive growth of Austin, some of its heart and soul is at risk of being lost.

We aim to help solve the starving artist dilemma by empowering a new type of storytelling. NFT collectors can now have ownership in the story of Austin’s growth while at the same time helping to preserve and uplift the local artist community.

The goal is to inspire street artists and documentarians to pick up new tools like crypto, blockchain and NFTs to preserve their work for future generations.”

For this curation, Mint Gold Dust minted a selection of these works on our platform, available now. 

The event also highlighted the HOPE Campaign, a collective of muralists and street artists based in Austin. HOPE invited 10 artists to paint 10 murals inside the Austin Convention center, home to the SXSW Interactive exhibition hall and panel discussions throughout the week. 

HOPE Curation at SXSW

HOPE teamed up with Mint Gold Dust and Illust Space to animate these works and mint them on chain. Traditionally, street artists have their work painted over in a matter of days or weeks, but by utilizing the power of the blockchain, artists can now archive their works on chain and see all who checked-in at the mural using PoP technology. 

Artists from the drop included ​​Jiminai, Helena Martin, Samara Barks, Kimie Flores, and Gabriel Portillo.

HOPE Curation at SXSW

Keep a look out this coming week as the remainder of the pieces are minted on Mint Gold Dust.

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