We launched our marketplace in November 2021 with a strong ecosystem surrounding us, and 8 Genesis Crypto artists, including Hackatao and Giant Swan.

Giant Swan, "Metamorphosis"

We set out to create a platform for artists and collectors to transact seamlessly on-chain in a completely decentralized ecosystem. 

Eight months after our launch, our mission remains the same, but things are now looking a little different. We’re pleased to re-introduce you to Mint Gold Dust with a new look to our marketplace.


Despite our aesthetic changes, we are still fully committed to being 100% decentralized on the Ethereum blockchain.

Being fully decentralized means we are a window to the blockchain, not a custodian. Mint Gold Dust never takes custody of an artist or collector’s artwork or funds. All assets and bids are held on chain and are released to their new owners at the time of transaction through our ERC 1155 smart contracts.

Artists and Collectors can still connect with Ethereum wallets such as Metamask, or the web based wallet, Portis, enabling collectors more ways to collect. 


We have worked hard to build an ecosystem that enriches the experience of our artists and collectors. 

Technology from our partner Illust Space enables artists and collectors to geo-drop their NFTs into AR and VR. 

Hackatao's "Primordial" geo-dropped at Art Basel 2021

Tokenframe is a seamless way for artists and collectors to showcase their artworks using their patented wallet connect technology.

Gilded Finance, our finance partner, provides a tax solution for cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

SmartSeal works with us to connect physical assets  to the blockchain using NFC technology.

Our partnership with REFASHIOND for fashion on demand, connects on chain creations to the physical fashion industry.

Fashion on demand in action

Finally, we have built relationships with brick and mortar galleries such as West Chelsea Contemporary and artist communities like Searchlight Art to help promote digital art and NFTs to the wider art community.


With Mint Gold Dust, artists and collectors can tell their story with our Memoir feature, allowing collaborators to be the author of their own art history for future generations.

Artists can mint with up to 1GB of file size, expanding the boundaries of their creations. 

And with Curated Spaces, every artist can host their own digital gallery. And physical galleries can now have their own NFT marketplace.

Artists can also choose to mint with multiple collaborators in the Smart Contract, providing a solution for provenance and royalties for collaborative artworks. 


We built our community and ecosystem with the artists and collectors in mind for them to transact seamlessly in our new web3 economy.

We believe that every NFT has a story, every story has a creator, every creator has a collector, and every collector should have an NFT.

We’re proud to have you here, and we can’t wait to see what you create and what you find to collect!

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