Rakkaus Art, "Dropped U Off My Mind"

“In my graduating show in University I used black industrial paints to create the final image in my mixed media paintings. 

I had a very bad arthritic flare prior to our gallery grad show in University and couldn’t use my hands properly. I ended up painting on a series of found objects that I turned into canvasses, some were supported with hockey sticks. I did a series of drip paintings I created using old brushes and utensils to drop paint from above to the canvas on the ground. I was unable to paint a proper brushstroke. Black industrial paint finished each piece. I have enjoyed coming back to that from time to time and now digitally.” -Rakkaus Art

ButterfliesInSpace, "Butterfly Space Opera - 5"
SphericalArt, "The Neighborhood"
Curated Spaces on Mint Gold Dust

This week on 79Au, we revisit our post on our Curated Spaces feature, a tool that allows artists to be their own galleries and curators on Mint Gold Dust.

Curated Spaces is Mint Gold Dust’s home for art projects, guest curations, and artist collections. This space was created to promote collaboration, foster community, and tell stories in the NFT space.

As an artist, you now have the space to host your own virtual exhibitions, giving you the power to be your own curator. Collections can be built around a theme, a style, or even a poem. Think of Curated Spaces as a tool to further tell your story as an artist.

The first artist on our platform to use this feature is Wanda Oliver. Wanda is an experimental photographer and collage artist based in Texas. Since joining Mint Gold Dust, she has minted two triptychs, Blue Planet #1–3 and Believe in Pink #1–3. Both projects were created using Chemigram techniques on vintage photographic papers. The end result is then fine tuned using digital retouching methods such as color enhancement and isolating details.

“The results are a wild and free mixture of old and new, art and science, analog and digital — all in the service of exploring the limits and possibilities of light, chemistry, and bits.” — Wanda Oliver

For her Curated Space, Photography with an Edge, she exhibits both triptychs, highlighting the beauty of the experimental technique and sharing her inspirations along the way.

Curated Spaces will also now be home to Mint Gold Dust auction curations, special projects, gallery partnerships, and collaborations. Recently, we launched a collection with Cryptic Gallery, showcasing their debut NFT collection, Murals on the Chain.

Cryptic Gallery is a street art gallery and web3 studio based in Poughkeepsie, NY. For years, they have been hosting mural events in their backyard, but it was always a bittersweet moment to paint over older murals to make way for new ones. By documenting, animating, and minting these vibrant works on chain, they can now come alive on the walls of the metaverse. 

With Curated Spaces, they are able to expand their physical gallery into a digital 24/7 always on gallery. 

Check out more of our recent Curated Spaces here.

Want to get started as an artist or collector on Mint Gold Dust? Check out our Metamask start up guide to get started. Ready to start minting? Apply to talk with our curatorial team today.

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