Carolina de Bartolo, "Thinking of you(me)"

Thinking of you(me) by Carolina de Bartolo is a paper collage and photomontage that was digitally created in collaboration with Midjourney Bot.

This work is a part of a new collection launching next week on Mint Gold Dust titled, Machine Dialogues, curated by JenJoy Roybal. 

Annabelle Popa, "CrowMother"
JAYKOE, "Citizens (Parkour II)

This week, wildlife photographer and documentarian Christopher Scott Carpenter released his genesis NFT collection, The Galápagos Islands – Part 1.

The collection shares a different side of the unique animals on the island while bringing awareness to their endangered species status. 40% of the proceeds from each sale will be going directly towards a local conservancy that empowers local environmental stewardship and educates the next generation of Island residents.

“When I visited the Galápagos, I connected with the ecosystem through photography. I found moments of curiosity, love, community, despair, and contention amongst the magnificent animals that inhabit these islands. By minting these photographic moments as NFTs, I hope to assist the efforts of the International Galápagos Tour Operators Association in their pursuit of providing education, so crucial to the understanding and stewardship of the magical landscapes of the islands, through the form of a public library to the communities of the Galápagos’s largest island, Santa Cruz. Education empowers, informs, and creates a symbiosis that further enables the humans of the Galápagos to protect, share, and champion the other species that surround them.” – Christopher Scott Carpenter 

Each photo has been released as an edition run, encouraging animal and photography lovers alike to collect their favorites while directly supporting the animal behind the image. Check out the full collection below.

Christopher Scott Carpenter, "Galápagos Sea Lion"

Conservation Status: Endangered, Population Decreasing

Although classified as an endangered species globally, the sea lions of the Galápagos can be found throughout the islands basking in the sun, sleeping on the sand, and playing. Despite being unabashedly awkward on land with their slow-moving side-to-side lurching movements, sea lions quickly become athletic and elegant swimmers capable of weaving easily through the underwater landscapes along the coasts.

Christopher Scott Carpenter, "Sally Lightfoot Crabs"

Conservation Status: Unknown

Found commonly throughout the islands, the Sally Lightfoot Crab presents a burst of neon color as it scurries across rocks and along the sand in search of algae and small prey.

Christopher Scott Carpenter, "Darwin's (Galápagos) Finch"

Conservation Status: Endangered, Population Decreasing

The 13 species of finches found throughout the Galápagos Islands formed the basis of Charles Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection; each species wields a distinct beak molded by the various environmental demands.

Christopher Scott Carpenter, "Galápagos Tortoise"

Conservation Status: Vulnerable

The giant Galápagos tortoise lumbers slowly through the tall grasses of the islands; though once nearly hunted to extinction, their population, while still vulnerable, has stabilized since the 1970s due to conservation efforts. The diversity evident in their shells, sizes, and colors again suggested to Charles Darwin a Theory of Natural Selection.

Christopher Scott Carpenter, "Flightless Cormorant"

Conservation Status: Vulnerable, but Stable

The Flightless Cormorant is among the world’s rarest species of birds, with only an estimated 1,000 alive today. These birds are strangely ill-equipped for their environments; with wings too short to fly and feathers too thin to be waterproof, the birds will oftentimes dive for prey along the coast and then dry off in the sunlight.

Christopher Scott Carpenter, "Galápagos Land Iguana"

Conservation Status: Vulnerable

An animal once described by Charles Darwin as “ugly” and with “a singularly stupid appearance,” the golden Galápagos Land Iguana exhibits a unique prehistoric quality complete with a spiked crown and clawed feet.

Christopher Scott Carpenter, "Blue-Footed Booby"

Conservation Status: Stable

One of the icons of the Galápagos, the Blue-Footed Booby hugs the coasts of the islands to dive for fish and nest in ground-level colonies. The Blue-Footed Booby’s famous mating ritual is an elaborate dance with stomping feet and a balletic pose called “skypointing.”

Curious to learn more about Christopher Scott Carpenter? Check out last week’s edition of 79Au to check our interview with the photographer. 

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