Featured Artworks of the Week

Trishgiaart, "Mother Earth"
J3nn1B33, "Castle In The Sky"
Erika Fujyama, "F_world_6"

Mint Gold Dust x Fake Basel | 12/2/22

Join us tonight, December 2nd from 6-9pm, at 3400 Northwest 7th Avenue to celebrate the launch of the Theo’s Gallery genesis collection on Mint Gold Dust! “Humans & Animals,” curated by “The OG” Theo Goodman, includes exclusive new works from Nathan Sonic, Mr. Yuk, and Otto Von Schirach. It also features a selection of RAREPEPES, including a set of 6 that features the first NFT from CZ (PBOCPEPE) from 2017.


“The tension between the old and known, and the new and unknown increases…It is up to us to put thought to sound, hand to image, voice to story, and build the party that will destroy the legacy system to create new from the ash.” – Curator Theo Goodman 

The event will feature a digital gallery showcasing the works, a live NFT auction, and a live performance from Otto Von Schirach.

mryuk, "Rumpelstilskin"

We will also be exhibiting a second collection virtually in partnership with Illust Space. A selection of Mint Gold Dust NFTs will be geo-dropped into Augmented Reality around the venue. Artists include Chazz Gold, 4everkurious, Rakkaus Art, and more. Each piece can be discovered using your smartphone by navigating to the pins on our exclusive AR map on Illust Space. 

We look forward to celebrating and sharing art with you tonight!

Last week on 79Au, we interviewed Mint Gold Dust artist Mila Sketch on her transition from murals to NFTs. Check out the interview here

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