Featured Artworks of the Week

Hypnomancer, "TWOGLO"
Brooke Ganster, "The Bold Hold"
drlemny, "Mama 'Heard Voices'"

Yearly Wrap-Up

As the year comes to a close, we’re reminiscing on past collections featured on Mint Gold Dust. From explorations on AI to collaborations on digitized murals and sculptures, this year was one for the books. Keep reading for a look back at some of our collections from this past year.

Released this Fall, Machine Dialogues is an investigation into how artificial intelligence (AI) can inform the creative process. The artists of Machine Dialogues utilized AI tools across mediums such as Typography, Fine Art, Gaming Artifacts and more. Whether artists were experienced working with AI applications or were new to the programs, Machine Dialogues was an opportunity for them to experiment and expand their vision and art practice with AI.

Ira Greenberg, "Protocephalopod_0923H_SD"
ARTficialis, "Grounded"
Tom Laroc, "Global Tribes by Tom Laroc (GT0000CC)"

Created using various forms of AI by Joseph Munisteri, aka Butterflies in Space Joe, Butterfly Space Opera is inspired by classical modern artists and nature. What originally started as writing prompts for Munisteri’s poetry blossomed into a collection of operas filled with drama, tragedy, and spirit. This collection invites viewers to experience AI artworks as a collaboration between man and machine and challenge traditional ideas of art. 

ButterfliesinSpace, Butterfly Space Opera - 3
ButterfliesinSpace, Butterfly Space Opera - 1
ButterfliesinSpace, Butterfly Space Opera - 5

Dia al-Azzawi, a pioneer of modern Arab art, launched his first NFT collection this past year on Mint Gold Dust. His fondness and love for his grandson, Frederick, and the importance of future generations inspired his work.

“I wanted to create a body of work that captures a young child’s energy using the traditional shapes and colours I grew up with. By embracing this connection between the old and the new, the Freddie collection allows me to leave a piece of my childhood in the metaverse for future generations to enjoy.”

Dia al-Azzawi, "Freddie 1.0 #1"
Dia al-Azzawi, "Freddie 1.0 #3"
Dia al-Azzawi, "Freddie 1.0 #7"

Austin-based muralist collective, HOPE Campaign, teamed up with Mint Gold Dust and Illust Space during SXSW to digitize murals by local Austin artists and mint them on chain. The physical artworks were originally on display at the convention center for SXSW 2022, however, by utilizing the power of the blockchain, these artists can now earn royalties and archive their artworks.

Jiminai, "Howdy from Austin"
Mixed Hues, "Peace and Joy"
uloang, "Help On The Way 001"

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