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Interview with Goldi Gold

This week, we continue our interview series with artist Goldi Gold. He is an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and entrepreneur whose portraits shine a light on contemporary icons and heroes. 

Originally from New Jersey, he has called Georgia home for 20 years. With a resume that includes work with Georgia State University, Creative Loafing, Art Beats + Lyrics, Spike Lee, The High Museum, and others, Goldi is a generous and supportive part of the Georgia art community and is always giving back to his fellow creatives.

Keep reading to learn more about how Goldi found his style as an artist and what inspires him.

Goldi Gold, "Visulazation"

How did you begin your journey in web3?

As a digital artist I’ve always had art on the web. Once I learned how to actually upload and post, I added my art on multiple platforms. Especially when I was blogging heavily to promote myself and other people’s content.

So entering the Web3 realm was familiar to an extent. It was just learning the new rules of the land that was actually in my favor as a digital artist. I’m still learning though. Things change in a blink of an eye with time online so it always feels like I’m playing catch up.

Goldi Gold, "The SKY is FALLING"

How did you find your style as an NFT artist?

Just by constantly creating and consuming everything around me at the same time to create. Life is definitely a big book of inspiration, and how you see it and gain from it will reflect in the world you create. I just so happen to see it digitally with a lot of extra colors and thick lines. So it actually works hand and hand with doing NFTs. New world on familiar grounds.

Goldi Gold, "BlockXchange"

What inspires you about painting portraits of icons and heroes?

It’s honestly creating a creative visual version of a personal story that the public might know or not know about. It’s also like extending their story into a better understanding to the masses. That’s why I tend to use rarely seen photos as reference to create the artwork. It definitely adds value to the expression of the art physically and mentally.

Goldi Gold, "From the Ground UP"

Any new projects you want to tease?

I have a few new projects in the works and a bunch of collaborations. I can’t really tease anything because then I’ll be obligated to deliver! I already have to deal with that doing with commissions, but I always stay in tune. The goal for 2023 and beyond is to be better on all levels.

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