Masha Ermeeva, "Embrace"
Brooke Ganster, "The Bold Hold"
VEL, "Urban Landscape 01"
Love Letter from Mint Gold Dust | Valentine’s Day Curation

Love takes many forms, so this Valentine’s Day, we wanted to explore the different ways in which love is depicted and represented through the eyes of various artists on Mint Gold Dust

From the romantic to the platonic, the familial to the self-love, this collection showcases the diversity and complexity of love in all its forms. We hope that these artworks will evoke emotions and provoke thoughtful introspection, inviting you to reflect on your own experiences and perceptions of love in your own life.


TWOGLO” and “The Butterfly Lovers” show two different sides of romantic love. One focuses on passion while the other focuses on hardship.

Hypnomancer, "TWOGLO"

For Hynomancer’s “TWOGLO,” we see two lovers expressing their love through physical affection. This piece is a part of a larger series that explores how AI expresses love and sexuality.

Lily Honglei, "The Butterfly Lovers" (Video Still)

In “The Butterfly Lovers” by Lily Honglei, the artist duo showcases the side of love that isn’t typically portrayed in a Valentines Day card. These two lovers have just moved to America in search of the idealized American Dream and have found that the dream they’ve imagined isn’t the reality. So now, they as a team must help pull each other back up and find a new dream together.


I Carnival” and “Inner Space of Touch” depict the magic and creativity that happens when you become at peace with yourself and ignore all other distractions.

kilsypix, "I Carnival"

Kilsypix’s “I Carnival” is a celebration of the artist undergoing an artistic evolution in the web3 space. The piece is a result of experimentation, exploration, and joy.

GISELXFLOREZ, "Inner Space of Touch" (Interactive Video Still)

Inner Space of Touch” by Giselxflorex seeks to understand the language of creation by looking inward. The work highlights the human ideals and symbolism that occurs with the touch of the creator.


Arguably the most selfless kind of love is familial. Both of these next works were created to honor members of their family and the legacies that they may leave behind.

Dr. Lemny, "MAMA"

Dr. Lemny’s work “Mama” is a portrait of her grandmother who struggled with mental illness her whole life. With this work, Dr. Lemny hopes to shed light on those dealing with silent mental battles every day while honoring the legacy she left behind.

Dia al-Azzawi, "Freddie 1.0 #7"

Dia al-Azzawi’s Freddie collection was created to honor his grandson. Dia has been creating art for over 50 years, and with the dawn of web3, he created this collection as a token his grandson can play with in the metaverse for years to come.


In both HyperAesthetics’s “Spring” and “Mother Earth” by TrishgaArt, the artists are celebrating the reverence and responsibility of the union between humans and the natural world. 

Hyper Aesthetics, "Spring"

Hyper Aesthetics’ Four Seasons collection highlights the beauty found in each season with his own unique style. The artist writes about his piece, Spring,

“I breathe in the Spring from my window. 

See Mother Nature winking.

Flowers yawn at dawn.

And I smell them.”

TrishgiaAr, "Mother Earth"

Mother Earth” by TrishgiaArt’s is a tribute to the beauty and biodiversity of our planet and is a call for us to take better care of the place we call home. “She has always taken care of us. Now it’s time we take care of her” – TrishgiaArt


These final works by Lucia Diaz and Arabella are a celebration of friendship and community. They remind us to lift each other up and not to forget to have fun along the way. 

Lucia Diaz, "Wildy"

Lucia Diaz’s “Wildy” is a portrait of fellow artist and creator Wildy Martinez. The portrait shows the muse’s joy, power, and creativity bursting at the seams. This work supports a friend’s dreams, power, and success.

Arabella, "Smoking Section"

Arabella’s “Smoking Section” makes the viewer feel as if they have interrupted two friends having a conversation and sharing stories. The power of community is not one to be underestimated.

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