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4everKurious "The Book of Wings::Deconstructed Wings and Bones" from our Machine Dialogues curation
BoogieREZ "Take it to the TOP"
Hypnomancer "TWOGLO"
Mint Gold Dust Culture Walk at ETH Denver

This year at ETH Denver, we will be working with our longtime partner, Illust, to bring you an Augmented Reality culture walk around Denver. 

Illust is building the definitive platform for engaging online communities in the physical world through maps, blockchain, and augmented reality. Partnering with major music and web3 properties such as MF DOOM, Mesh Records, Parallel, and ETH Denver, projects use Illust’s tools to launch location-specific and token-gated games, maps, entertainment, merchandise, and points of interest for their communities.

“Mint Gold Dust’s Culture Walk map is an embodiment of the ETH Denver experience, pairing innovation with diversity across a broad spectrum of digital media. We can’t wait to share these experiences with first-time visitors and Denver residents alike, using the power of AR and blockchain tech.”  – Rob McCarty | CEO, Illust. 

For the drop, we have curated 3 collections at key locations around the city that can be viewable via your mobile device and the Illust Space web browser. 


Focusing on the current social inequities in the greater Web3 space, Mint Gold Dust aims to empower Black artists during Black History Month using our site as a platform to host and bring forth productive dialogue inspired by the works minted on our marketplace. Artists included in the drop are ChrisRogersArt, GoldiGold, and QueenEarth.

drlemny "Mama heard voices"
QueenEarth "Grief + Black Maternal Mortality + Racial Tension"

These works will be dropped outside of Jazz and Supper Club Nocturne in the RiNo Arts District of Denver.


Machine Dialogues is taking a look at how artists in web3 are utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to inform their creative process. So many tools have become available to creatives, and we’re seeing a massive period of curiosity and experimentation across the artist community. 

The selections for the culture walk are a part of a larger curation originally curated by JenJoy Roybal in October on Mint Gold Dust. Artists include Quantum Spirit, Rakkaus Art, Chazz Gold, 4everKurious.

Quantum Spirit "Locomotive"
Rakkaus Art "Coming to the Surface"

Machine Dialogues curation will be located outside of the main ETH Denver venue at The National Western Complex at 4655 Humboldt St.


Street Art has a long history of community and self expression. It’s a way for artists to make their mark on their city and document grassroots history. Too often, these works are painted over and forgotten about, but by minting them on-chian, artists are able to track their work’s provenance and history in a very permanent way. For the third curation of our Culture Walk, we are excited to highlight some of the artists on our platform tracking and preserving their own history through NFTs. Artists include Everydayreasearch, Helena Martin, and BoogieREZ.

IRL Everydayresearch "Here We Go"
Everydayresearch "Here We Go"

This street art curation can be found at RiNo’s Improper City, a local favorite for coffee, beer, and of course, street art.

Beginning February 24th you will be able to see all these works come alive in AR for yourself. To access the meta layer, you will need to navigate to the location, open up the MGD page link on Illust, and navigate to the pin points on the map. Once you find the work, your phone will become a gateway to another layer of reality, filled with artwork from the Mint Gold Dust platform. 

Be on the lookout for the Illust Passport, which is dropping 5PM PT on Weds, Feb 22nd. https://twitter.com/illustspace

Can’t make it to Denver? We will be talking with Illust Space and some of the participating artists on Twitter Spaces on February 28th. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about some of the amazing artworks being dropped and Illust Space’s geo-spatial technology. 

Check out these interviews with some of our featured culture walk artists: Chazz Gold, Rakkaus Art.

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