Curated Spaces: Portal Realms

Art and tech and A.I., oh my!

Mint Gold Dust is thrilled to bring you Portal Realms, the exciting new curation from JenJoy Roybal expressing various perspectives on the tangles of intertwining technologies, some easily seen, and some that affect us subconsciously.

In our contemporary lives, Art, Blockchain, AR, AI, and VR more often occupy space together. Their coordinated renditions of what we’re “used to” have quietly moved into our sense of reality.

This unconscious perspective pulls us in just a little deeper, seeming a little more realistic, creeping into our daily awareness.

The more we engage with these overlapping technologies, the more rapidly we walk into newer versions of our lives. We become a crucial part of the progression of acceptance and excitement.

mezdez "Beyond the Threshold: The Portal"
Erika Fujyama "Thinker"

JenJoy uses her creative coping skills to stay grounded while appreciating the role technology plays, “I like the idea that play, poetry, and art can offer up more perspective about the future, that – with a hint of the absurd – can support this rapidly accelerated transformation we’re undergoing.” She confirms, “This show gives viewers a glimpse into that critical activity.”

4everKurious "Bounce"

In most of our daily actions, we employ varying degrees of technical skill, creativity, and imagination.

When we stop and study these intersections, it can seem overwhelming, almost unnatural. Often, it’s this tension that helps to produce compelling expressions in art, music, and designing our lives.

Kurtinecz "Realm of Fabricated Utopia"
Kurtinecz "Realm of Fabricated Utopia"

The creators in this collection share their view of this ever-changing environment. We invite you to step through the portals and immerse yourself into new worlds.

Come celebrate the diverse perspectives and experiences exploring these ideas and imagine your own portal realms.

Lique "Gunsrule#02"

Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks for a more in-depth look into the art, the artists and the stories behind the work in Portal Realms.

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