After many months of building, Mint Gold Dust is thrilled to announceThe Golden Age” exhibition at Superchief Gallery in New York City on October 19.

The Golden Age”

Acid Boy
Empress Trash
Gisel Florez
Jesse Lirola
Lapin Mignon
Mr Richi
Nacho Frades
Nathaniel Stern
Panter Xhita
Patrick Amadon
Pierre Gervois
Sabina Bano

We invite you to come join us and our artists in this historic conversation, to celebrate what we believe to be the beginning of the golden age of digital art. As a creative experiment and a celebration of our v2 launch, this inaugural exhibition asks artists to “rethink their trajectories and to unleash their creativity” during this reflective and transformative period.

This is a chance to be a part of history, to make something beautiful in the years when other artists were silent. A time that you’ll look back on with fond memories, knowing that you dug deep and kept creating, even when no one was watching. Will you return to your precrypto roots or embark on an adventure with new mediums, vibrant colors, and cuttingedge technologies?

What ignites your inspiration in those unseen moments? With absolute freedom and a blank canvas, what will you bring to life?