About Us

Throughout history, there has been one precious element that has been coveted more than the rest- gold.

In its purest state, gold, 79 Au, holds immense value and rarity. For centuries, it has been used to facilitate trading, indicate social status, and used in spiritual and political ceremonies.

NFT Marketplace and ecosystem Mint Gold Dust connects collectors with the rarest and most valuable NFTs from artists around the world. Perhaps more importantly, it is a symbiotic ecosystem for artists and collectors to build out their digital reality. Mint Gold Dust is a place for artists to tell their stories, collectors to form relationships with artists, and a resource tool for the crypto community.

In that vein, we are proud to introduce our new zine, 79 Au. It has been designed to give you an inside look into artists processes, hear from members of our staff, and learn more about our exhibitions and initiatives.

Much like gold itself, 79 Au represents the very core of Mint Gold Dust in its purest state.



Mint Gold Dust is a curated NFT platform and ecosystem focused on highlighting artist and collector voice while promoting quality over quantity. The unique platform offers an always-on, 24/7 artist marketplace, a creative studio for NFT creators, and managed service Whitelabel solutions for digital and physical NFTs.