Mint Gold Dust at NFT Paris

Mint Gold Dust is a curated NFT platform and ecosystem focused on highlighting artist and collector voices while promoting quality over quantity. The unique platform offers an always-on, 24/7 artist marketplace, a creative studio for NFT creators, and managed service Whitelabel solutions for digital and physical NFTs.

For NFT Paris, Mint Gold Dust presents their genesis collection and selections from their marketplace, alongside curatorial powerhouse Breezy.


In the Chinese language, the pronunciation of the number 8, “ba,” is very similar to that of the word prosper, “fa,” making the number 8 the most auspicious of all the numbers.

For the Genesis 8 series, we asked our 8 artists to express what Gold Dust is for them through the filter of their artistic vision, style, and techniques. For some, it evokes nostalgia and remembrance. For others, it’s the primal spark of creation and nature.

For us, Gold Dust is something very special. Every object, and by extension every person, possesses inherent worth as well as the innate potential to metamorphose into something far greater than its present state.

Bard Ionson, Mysterious Value
Gisel Florez, Space in Touch
Giant Swan, Metamorphosis
Mueo, Transformation at the Gates of Eternity
Lily Honglei, The Butterfly Lovers
Ben Snell, Ritual Nature
Lapin Mignon, Anatomie d'Une Poussiere d'or


Mint Gold Dust features highly curated artworks from established and up and coming digital artists. 

Iovi Sacra Art, Golden Rain
Le Visionnaire Sur La Lune, Made in Abyss
Svccy, Masks
Masha Ermeeva , Embrace
Dominique Czerednikow, Dream Variation
Hyper Aesthetics, Autumn Pond
Ryota Nomura, GO! GO! RAIN!


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Art Basel Recap | NFT Takeover

Every year, city dwellers and art lovers flock down to Miami for Art Week, and this year, NFT enthusiasts went with them.

After a year off due to the Covid-19 pandemic, art fairs made a triumphant return in Miami. Many are already reporting record breaking attendance numbers, but that wasn’t the main attraction. This year the name of the game was NFTs. There were pop up NFT galleries, parties, and large public installations of digital art.

Bard Ionson, Mystery Mission

One of those projects was Mint Gold Dust’s geo-drop with Illust Space. Using Augmented Reality technology, we created a scavenger hunt around Miami’s hottest fairs and attractions. Visitors were able to use their phones to reveal artworks from Mint Gold Dust’s marketplace that were hiding in plain sight. Artists in the drop included Hackatao, Gisel Florez, Bard Ionson, and more.

The drop was an effort to democratize the art presented during art week, promote NFT artists, and introduce the art and tech communities to the unique AR technology that can bring your wallet to life.

Dominique Czerednikow, Dream Variation

Ahead of the drop, Mint Gold Dust CEO Kelly LeValley Hunt praised, “Miami Art Week attracts artists and collectors from around the world. By ‘hacking’ art fairs around the city, we are securing NFTs & Digital Art for now and the future.”


Also featured in the drop was $WHALE x BREEZY, an NFT curation of rare NFTs from $WHALE’s famed collection, The Vault. The curatorial team at BREEZY, led by Mint Gold Dust curator Eleonora Brizi, worked with $WHALE’s Head of Art, Decryptolorian, and Illust Space to geo-drop 20 works from the collection.

Eleonora Brizi commented, “We’re bringing art directly to the people, changing the shape of the city, and bringing people and physical experiences together through a digital medium…Through AR, we are making art more accessible for everyone.”

Stay tuned for more geo-drops and live events in 2022!


Mint Gold Dust Hacks Miami Art Week

Mint Gold Dust is hacking Miami Art Week with augmented reality by creating a GPS scavenger hunt for NFTs. In partnership with Illust Space, Mint Gold Dust has geo-dropped NFTs from their marketplace throughout Miami, allowing fair-goers to follow a map and use their phones to reveal the works hiding in plain sight. The pieces are discoverable via Illust Space’s online app, through December 5th. 

Mint Gold Dust has dropped NFTs outside of Art Basel, SCOPE Miami Beach, Untitled, Art Miami, Spectrum, and at the Wynwood Walls. Artists in the drop include Hackato, Svccy, Gisel Florez, Bard Ionson, and more.

“Mint Gold Dust is not just a platform, but an ecosystem that functions to support artists and collectors. With the artists and collectors, plus the industries we have invested in and partnered with, Mint Gold Dust is a self-sustaining economy,” said Kelly LeValley Hunt, Founder and CEO of Mint Gold Dust. “Miami Art Week attracts artists and collectors from around the world. By ‘hacking’ art fairs around the city, we are securing NFTs & Digital Arts for now and the future.”

This year’s Miami Art Week is slated to return in a big way after 2020’s fairs were called off due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Fairs and events will be taking place around Miami and Miami Beach all week to celebrate the return of in-person art events.

Also, a part of the drop is $WHALE x BREEZY, an NFT curation of rare NFTs from $WHALE’s famed collection, The Vault. Curatorial team BREEZY has worked with Decryptolorian, $WHALE’s Head of Art, and Illust Space to geodrop over 20 works from the collection, giving people access to view this legendary collection in a unique and personal way.

“The $WHALE Vault has been deemed by many as one of the most historically and commercially significant collections of digital art in the world,” said Whaleshark. “It’s our pleasure to share the beauty of our collection with you as they come from the pioneers of a new digital era, empowered by true provenance and scarcity of blockchain tokenization.”

Breezy founder and Vault curator Eleonora Brizi added, “When I heard about what Illust Space was doing through Mint Gold Dust, everything clicked into place. They have one of the best AR tools I’ve seen, so it was the perfect fit to bring light to these pieces and stories from the Vault that I want to share with the world. We’re bringing the art directly to people, changing the shape of a city, and bringing people and physical experiences together through a digital medium. This is why I’m excited to be curating this collection and presenting artists like Hackatao, Pak, Giant Swan, Brendan Dawes, and more. Through AR, we are making this art more accessible for everyone by sharing it with the world.”



Last week, the Mint Gold Dust Team came from all around the globe to celebrate NFT.NYC and the official launch of our online ecosystem ( This was the largest NFT conference to date, spanning 4 venues with 5,500+ attendees.

On Day 1 of the event, the team met at the iconic red steps in Times Square bright and early to witness the billboards display NFTs from creators in the community.

Kicking off the conference, Mint Gold Dust Founder and CEO Kelly LeValley Hunt emceed the morning speakers at the Palladium theatre after introducing the crowd to Mint Gold Dust’s thriving ecosystem. That morning’s speakers included Noah Davis from Christie’s, Angela Dalton, CEO & Founder of Signum Growth Capital, and Ronin The Collector.

The theatre erupted in surprise when Kelly welcomed surprise guest, Quentin Tarantino to the stage to debut his new NFT collection composed of select handwritten scenes from the original Pulp Fiction manuscript.

On the second day, Mint Gold Dust hosted the official NFT.NYC Happy Hour at the Edison Ballroom Rooftop in Times Square. The evening started out with live jazz from the Tony Guerrero Quintet, featuring singer TAWANDA. As the sun went down, DJ Matthew Law took the stage spinning a selection of old favorites and new hits. The emcee of the evening was former Miss Universe, Paulina Vega. She previously worked with the Mint Gold Dust team on a New York Fashion Week project where they created an AR representation of her strutting through the streets of Tribecca by Spring Studios.

Pak at the Mint Gold Dust Happy Hour

Featured at the event was a presentation of Mint Gold Dust’s inaugural NFT exhibition, Genesis 8. For the Genesis 8 series, curator Eleonora Brizi asked 8 artists to express what Gold Dust is for them through the filter of their artistic vision, style, and techniques. The collection features exclusive works from Hackatao, Bard Ionson, Giant Swan, Gisel Florez, and more.

We also hosted a live vintage NFT auction featuring a unique selection of RAREPEPE NFTs, amongst other works. The highlight of the night was MetaKovan taking home a Series 1 RAREPEPE Nakamoto, “One of the most Rare Pepe’s in existence,” for $500,000. This piece, issued in 2016, pays homage to Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

MetaKovan and Paulina Vega

To celebrate the end of a great week, the next day the NFT community flocked to Terminal 5 to check out Metapurse’s Dreamverse exhibition, featuring a digital installation of over 150 NFTs. After hours, Mint Gold Dust hosted the rooftop lounge at the official Dreamverse Party, featuring headliner Alesso and an interactive experiential display of Beeple’s famed EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS.

Also displayed were the works of Giant Swan, Hackatao, Josie Bellini, FEWOCiOUS, and more.

The event combined the best of art, music, and technology and was the perfect way to end such an inspiring week and celebrate the official launch of Mint Gold Dust. We are proud to announce at the end of the week, Mint Gold Dust had already transacted over $700,000 in the platform, and this is only the beginning.