Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap

79AU | 1.25-31

Featured Artworks of the Week

ARTificialis, "Mass" | Owned by xFader
JenJoy Roybal, "Horse-Man, Fire And The Book"
J3nn1b33, "The City"

Interview with Goldi Gold

This week, we continue our interview series with artist Goldi Gold. He is an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and entrepreneur whose portraits shine a light on contemporary icons and heroes. 

Originally from New Jersey, he has called Georgia home for 20 years. With a resume that includes work with Georgia State University, Creative Loafing, Art Beats + Lyrics, Spike Lee, The High Museum, and others, Goldi is a generous and supportive part of the Georgia art community and is always giving back to his fellow creatives.

Keep reading to learn more about how Goldi found his style as an artist and what inspires him.

Goldi Gold, "Visulazation"

How did you begin your journey in web3?

As a digital artist I’ve always had art on the web. Once I learned how to actually upload and post, I added my art on multiple platforms. Especially when I was blogging heavily to promote myself and other people’s content.

So entering the Web3 realm was familiar to an extent. It was just learning the new rules of the land that was actually in my favor as a digital artist. I’m still learning though. Things change in a blink of an eye with time online so it always feels like I’m playing catch up.

Goldi Gold, "The SKY is FALLING"

How did you find your style as an NFT artist?

Just by constantly creating and consuming everything around me at the same time to create. Life is definitely a big book of inspiration, and how you see it and gain from it will reflect in the world you create. I just so happen to see it digitally with a lot of extra colors and thick lines. So it actually works hand and hand with doing NFTs. New world on familiar grounds.

Goldi Gold, "BlockXchange"

What inspires you about painting portraits of icons and heroes?

It’s honestly creating a creative visual version of a personal story that the public might know or not know about. It’s also like extending their story into a better understanding to the masses. That’s why I tend to use rarely seen photos as reference to create the artwork. It definitely adds value to the expression of the art physically and mentally.

Goldi Gold, "From the Ground UP"

Any new projects you want to tease?

I have a few new projects in the works and a bunch of collaborations. I can’t really tease anything because then I’ll be obligated to deliver! I already have to deal with that doing with commissions, but I always stay in tune. The goal for 2023 and beyond is to be better on all levels.

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Weekly Recap

79AU | 1.16-24

Featured Artworks of the Week

VanDi, "Blue Elephant"
Brooke Ganster, "The Bold Hold"
Goldi Gold, "The Sky is Falling"

Cementing a Digital Legacy with Arabella

Courtesy of Arabella

This week, we are excited to bring you our interview with Arabella. She is an artist and author living with terminal cancer, navigating what that means for her digital legacy. Her work combines interests in portraiture, visionary art, the history of medicine, and biomorphic abstraction. She combines her traditional oil painting background with love of digital art to create vibrant her vibrant NFT portraits. Learn more about her process and story below.

You often talk about leaving a digital legacy. Can you share what that means for you? 

My future is precarious having terminal cancer, and after all of my paintings sold when the news was out, I was left with no inventory. NFTs, were in a way, a solution to a problem both in regards to my digital legacy and the future of my artwork.

While I have an arts organization in Cleveland where I live that will take care and keep whatever works of mine are donated (along with press, photos, ephemera), there was no way of taking care of my digital legacy. I had an idea to delete any trace of me online after I am gone, with the exception of my website. But many people seemed to object to this. Instead, having a little ecosystem of collectors that carry my legacy in the digital space is a pretty cool concept. And my most recent work has all been digital, not oil paint.

The thing is, most people do not understand they are leaving behind a digital dossier of their life online, so why not make certain what happens to it? I’ve had many artist friends pass away, some are still celebrated and some are totally forgotten. Culture is so fragile, and we don’t know how long this infrastructure will last, but I’m big on recording things for posterity. You never know when there will be renewed interest from later generations; I’m at the age where movies and documentaries are being made about my friends and family. Perhaps you may have a retrospective, or a book published, and to have blockchain records will only help.

Arabella, "Peering from the Crush" | Owned by techbubble

What inspires you about portraiture?

Portraiture has always been interesting to me because every decade seems to have its own aesthetic through the ages, as does each artist. No one person ever creates one that is the same. My favorite female artist is Tamara de Lempicka and she influenced the way I do my portraits because it was so different. Now that I am painting digitally and not with oils, my style has changed to meet the technology in a way. Portraits are for me the ultimate test; you can be doing it for years and still be learning. 

Arabella, "Don't Break A Nail"

Tell us about your recent NFT all female group show?

I am part of a collective called the Super Psychedelic Sisters. Initially, it was a way to onboard other women, but then I realized we could create an immersive show with the goal of not only onboarding more women artists, but being the first show like it in the Midwest and beyond. This wasn’t a typical white cube with monitors exhibition like we’ve seen so often. We created a psychedelic garden along with physical art. 

The event went very well, and as a result of that show, I am helping curate a Dark Art NFT show at my gallery in Buffalo, NY this spring. They are a pop surrealist gallery, and it is a great match!

Arabella, "Smoking Section"

What’s one piece of advice you would give to fellow artists? 

Don’t ever copy someone else’s work and try to pass it off as your own, no matter how much you think you altered it. I see so many new artists in the space doing this. Study art and design history, and yes, use images to practice, but you are only hurting yourself by passing it off as your artwork. If you think no one will notice you took liberties with a fashion editorial buried in a 1996 copy of Harper’s Bazaar, you are wrong. Visual memory is a powerful thing, but don’t worry, you will come into your own style.

Enjoy our conversation with Arabella? Check out our interviews with Rakkaus Art and Chazz Gold on 79Au or find them on the Mint Gold Dust marketplace here.

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Weekly Recap

79AU | 1.10-1.17

Featured Artworks of the Week

Ararbella, "Don't Break A Nail"
Goldi Gold, "From The Ground UP"
QuantumSpirit, "Untitled"

Mint Gold Dust Marketplace Update

We are happy to announce we are renovating the Mint Gold Dust marketplace for an exciting 2023. Firstly, we will be focusing on a more streamlined user experience with features such as:

  • Universal Profiles
  • Memoirs on Chain
  • Optimized Decentralized Metadata
  • Online Auctions
  • Tokengated Experieinces
  • ERC-721 Contract Implementation

A note about the update from our Head of Smart Contract Development & Auditing, Casmir Patterson: “We’re committed to bringing a more decentralized vision for Mint Gold Dust to unleash our community’s potential and creativity in the Web3 Space. Building an immersive metaverse user experience encompassing new technologies like Galleries that use advanced geo-location technology provided by our partners, to revamping our bespoke Curated Spaces, and giving more power to our artists is our ultimate goal.”

While this update is taking place, we have paused all minting on the platform through the month of January. During this time, all other marketplace features will still be available including memoir writing and collecting.

We are excited to share with you the renovations of Mint Gold Dust this Spring!

Interview with Rakkaus Art

Rakkaus Art is a multimedia artist focused on connection, creation, compassion, and storytelling. Today, she shares her thoughts on AI art, her inspirations, and what she’s working on right now.

What inspires you about storytelling?

Many of the stories that live inside us can only emerge through creative expression, whether you mean to or not. Oftentimes I don’t even realize I’m telling a story until it’s finished. Painting is very meditative and a kind of intimacy with your soul that only shows up when it’s ready. I love an audience and telling a good story, and the actor in me wants to make sure you experience it as I did… in my art, you get to be there from the end, then experience feeling…and decide the story for yourself.

Rakkaus Art, "Mind's Eye"

How has experimenting with AI been for you?

I haven’t done much with the AI generators, but I’ve tried my work in some of the filters with added descriptions to see how it morphs. As a mixed media artist, I love finding new tools that might add something new to my work. I have a couple ideas up my sleeve as to how I could potentially incorporate it in the future.

Rakkaus Art, "Not All Whos Are in Whoville"

What are you working on right now?

I’m working on a lot. I will likely start sharing more of my VR creations this year, just thinking of fun ways to bring it into the space. Otherwise, I continue to work with the human figure, abstract portraiture and digital experimentation. I enjoy discovering ways to emulate the feel of my IRL pieces through texture, brushstrokes and layers. I have started to introduce more elements of collage. I’m also very excited about launching my new fabric line and home decor designs this year.

Enjoy our interview with Rakkaus Art? Check out our artist interview from last week where we talk with Chazz Gold about all things AI/Gan art, his photo bashing process, and more here.

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Weekly Recap

79AU | 1.3-1.10

Featured Artworks of the Week

SphericalArt, "Lunar Vibrations"
QuantumSpirit, "Helicopter"
kilsypix, "I Carnival"

Interview with Chazz Gold

Today, we’re chatting with AI/Gan artist and photographer Chazz Gold about his journey into Web3, the tools he uses to create his pieces, and the intersection of AI and Photography. Keep reading for an in-depth look into Chazz Gold’s artistic process.

How did your journey in Web3 begin? 

My web journey started in Clubhouse rooms in early 2021. At the time, I was working on a coffee table book concept with a project called “Shapes of The Divine.” When I got into web3, I decided to take that project to another level.

That project consisted of collaborating with over 150 different psychedelic, visionary artists from around the world and using their art to project onto the female form. 

Adding to the already psychedelic nature of art I was using as projection, I began to mask out my subjects and use them as backgrounds. Then, I’d mask them out again to animate the backgrounds and take still photographs, adding motion to them in a cinematographic style using applications like Motionleap and Plotagraph. 

The “Shapes of The Divine” project still lives on OpenSea as a collection. I have been working on taking a few pieces at a time, moving what is not collected onto my own manifold contract, and putting them back on auction on the platform.

25% of the “Shapes of The Divine” project sales are donated to a local women’s shelter for survivors of domestic violence.

Chazz Gold. "Sacrogeometric Goddess"

How did you make the transition from photographer to AI artist? Do you find that there are similarities between the tools? 

I discovered GAN art through Clubhouse. Those were the days of Snowpixel and Night Café. Google Colorful existed back then, but a lot of us did not know about it yet. I actually released a whole project called “Portraits From the Parallel Universe” on OpenSea. That was all portraiture AI artwork that I had generated with Snowpixel. It wasn’t long after that I had heard of photo bashing, which is using photography and running AI text to create image prompts with the photograph as an initial starting point. 

I do find that there are similarities between the practice in the tools. I still use a lot of Photoshop to change any parts of an image I think needs modification. I still use my Lightroom catalog as a place to store, organize and keep track of all of my AI-generated images, and keep the original photographs for comparison.

Chazz Gold, "Crystal Goddess"

Can you walk us through your process of Photo Bashing?

These days I use Google Collab folders, made by pharmapsychotic and his models. I have a heavy interest in cyborg, cybernetic beings, and the divine feminine; the mixture of those things inspire me to make art and helps me envision what the future looks like. I find it interesting that I’m using AI to create images that are very futuristic. 

As for photo bashing, I use the initial image by uploading photographs onto Google Drive or Google photos and then use the web address of that image and put it in the Google collab folder too. I’ll play around with the different levels of strength. You can use a percentage of every initial image by using a decimal point system and providing the level of strength of the initial image as part of your final image.

Chazz Gold, "The Starseeds"

Many of my initial photographs are pulled from my database of the “Shapes of The Divine” project or portraiture that I have done with models and friends. Being that many of my photos already have a professional look (and with the case of the “Shapes of The Divine” project, a colorful and psychedelic nature) the female form stands out prominently. They’re easy to use as an initial image or a basic shape of what I want the subject to look like.

I also create my own sacred geometry Mandela art using many different apps on my iPad, and sometimes I use those as initial images for my work. Everything that is minted on Mint Gold Dust was created with that process, rather than using base photographs of an actual person. I also involve very complex AI prompts to generate the images that I make, which I affectionately call prompt craft.

Chazz Gold, "Goddess Cerridwen"

Have you read the last 79Au post on our New Year’s curation? It’s all about rebirth and renewal. View our latest article here.

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Weekly Recap

79AU | 12.28-1.3

Featured Artworks of the Week

J3NN1B33, "Castle In The Sky"
Layla Pizarro, "Resilience"
J3NN1B33, "Optical Art"

New Year’s Curation – Reflection and Rebirth 

From all of us at Mint Gold Dust, we wish you and yours a Happy New Year!

At the start of every new year, there is a lot of talk of reflection and transformation. This cycle of the death of the old, and birth of the new. Sometimes, this transformation and rebirth comes from a redirection, a moment of enlightenment, or even a death of the self.

To celebrate the new year, the Mint Gold Dust team has curated a selection of six artworks that remind us of the power of transformation. We have a lot of exciting things coming your way in 2023, and we look forward to having you on the journey with us!

ButterfliesinSpace, "Butterfly Space Opera - 1"

Butterflies are universally viewed as a symbol of ultimate transformation. For this work, artist Butterflies in Space Joe created his own Space Opera using AI tools. In many ways, the dawn of open-source AI tools has ushered in a transformation in the Digital and Traditional Art space.

Chazz Gold, "Goddess Cerridwen"

In this piece by Chazz Gold, we see the Celtic Goddess Cerridwen undergoing a transformation born out of enlightenment, wisdom, and inspiration. This work reminds us that in order to welcome our new self, we must say goodbye to the old. 

Rakkaus Art, "Keep Going"

“Keep Going” by Rakkaus Art is a personal piece about the artist’s battle with JRA at a young age. The treatment for this bone disease was to inject gold into their body weekly. As the artist got older, they compared this treatment to the Japanese art form of Kintsugi, the art of repairing something broken with gold. The act creates something new out of the old while celebrating the imperfections.

Kelon, "PURE"

Water is an element that has long been revered as a symbol of healing and cleansing. In Kelon’s AR sculpture “Pure,” we see an adult figure made out of water, appearing to be in the womb. The work reminds us that the process of re-birth can happen at any stage of life.

Giovanni De Benedetto, "Premature 106"

One cannot be ready to face their new transformed reality without first engaging in self reflection. Giovanni De Benedetto’s “Premature 106” invites the viewer to reflect on our relationships with ourselves and fellow human beings, entering a meditative type state.  

Hypnomancer, "A Golden Return"

Rather than a straight line from life to death, “A Golden Return” by Hypnomancer depicts our life’s journey as paths merging, circling, and diverging with and around each other. We might enter as one person, and exit as another, but we must never forget the path that got us there.

Have you read our 2022 Yearly Wrap up? Check out the some of our notable 2022 collections in the last 79AU post of the year here.

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Weekly Recap

79AU | 12.20-27

Featured Artworks of the Week

Hypnomancer, "TWOGLO"
Brooke Ganster, "The Bold Hold"
drlemny, "Mama 'Heard Voices'"

Yearly Wrap-Up

As the year comes to a close, we’re reminiscing on past collections featured on Mint Gold Dust. From explorations on AI to collaborations on digitized murals and sculptures, this year was one for the books. Keep reading for a look back at some of our collections from this past year.

Released this Fall, Machine Dialogues is an investigation into how artificial intelligence (AI) can inform the creative process. The artists of Machine Dialogues utilized AI tools across mediums such as Typography, Fine Art, Gaming Artifacts and more. Whether artists were experienced working with AI applications or were new to the programs, Machine Dialogues was an opportunity for them to experiment and expand their vision and art practice with AI.

Ira Greenberg, "Protocephalopod_0923H_SD"
ARTficialis, "Grounded"
Tom Laroc, "Global Tribes by Tom Laroc (GT0000CC)"

Created using various forms of AI by Joseph Munisteri, aka Butterflies in Space Joe, Butterfly Space Opera is inspired by classical modern artists and nature. What originally started as writing prompts for Munisteri’s poetry blossomed into a collection of operas filled with drama, tragedy, and spirit. This collection invites viewers to experience AI artworks as a collaboration between man and machine and challenge traditional ideas of art. 

ButterfliesinSpace, Butterfly Space Opera - 3
ButterfliesinSpace, Butterfly Space Opera - 1
ButterfliesinSpace, Butterfly Space Opera - 5

Dia al-Azzawi, a pioneer of modern Arab art, launched his first NFT collection this past year on Mint Gold Dust. His fondness and love for his grandson, Frederick, and the importance of future generations inspired his work.

“I wanted to create a body of work that captures a young child’s energy using the traditional shapes and colours I grew up with. By embracing this connection between the old and the new, the Freddie collection allows me to leave a piece of my childhood in the metaverse for future generations to enjoy.”

Dia al-Azzawi, "Freddie 1.0 #1"
Dia al-Azzawi, "Freddie 1.0 #3"
Dia al-Azzawi, "Freddie 1.0 #7"

Austin-based muralist collective, HOPE Campaign, teamed up with Mint Gold Dust and Illust Space during SXSW to digitize murals by local Austin artists and mint them on chain. The physical artworks were originally on display at the convention center for SXSW 2022, however, by utilizing the power of the blockchain, these artists can now earn royalties and archive their artworks.

Jiminai, "Howdy from Austin"
Mixed Hues, "Peace and Joy"
uloang, "Help On The Way 001"

Mint Gold Dust Event Form

In 2022, Mint Gold Dust welcomed our community to events in New York, Miami, Austin, Denver, and Los Angeles. Next year, find out if we’re hosting an event near you! Be the first to know about our upcoming events by filling out our 1-minute survey below.

Have you seen our latest collection, Cu3ntos? Get all the details of our new curation here.

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Weekly Recap

79AU | 12.14-20

Featured Artist of The Week – Chazz Gold

Chazz Gold, "Goddess of Akashic Enlightment"

Chazz Gold is a photographer, DJ, addiction counselor, AI/Gan artist, and NFT creator and collector. 

“I have been featured twice at NFT.NYC as well as NFT.LA with my Shapes of the Divine collection. The first time I was featured with Searchlight.Art and this past time with Sabat and spatial XR’s stratosphere show. I am involved with a handful of metaverse projects where I have shown work including galleries Cryptovoxel and Decentraland.”

Chazz Gold, "The Starseeds"
Chazz Gold, "The Dark Starchild"
THe Cu3ntos Collection

Last week, the Cu3ntos collection, curated by JenJoy Roybal, launched on Mint Gold Dust. The collection features work from LatinX NFT artists reflecting on the role of cuentos in their own journeys and cultures. 

Cuentos are passed down from generation to generation, and thanks to the Blockchain, these artists are able to immortalize their own cuentos, building out their digital legacies for the future. Each unique piece highlights the intersection of storytelling and technology while exploring themes of identity on a personal and cultural level. 

JenJoy Roybal writes about the collection,

Identity is a complex thing and the diaspora of Latinos or Hispanics is riddled with conflicting perspectives and experiences. The rise of the term LatinX came out of a desire to be more inclusive of  people who self-identify as having Latin American heritage – who are also LGBTQ, or any other number of nuanced differences – and yet the term still falls short of properly defining the vast, multi-layered, global society. Perhaps we can look to sharing stories to better communicate our culture and identities, rather than labels?

Cuentos are often seen as children’s stories or fables that teach a lesson, make people cry or laugh or capture important moments. In this show, LatinX, Web3 artists were invited to explore cuentos with a personal take on the journeys they have witnessed or the ones they are on. The artwork at times reflects on favorite stories specific to their own culture, or were invented anew. 

This is an invitation to a conversation and to the discovery of artists via their stories and the cuentos they love, including their own.”

Explore the collection below:

CreatressArt, "MesoMariposas"

Creatress is a VR Performance artist at the intersection of virtual reality and fine art. Using a VR headset and a custom soundtrack to inspire the energy of spontaneous creation, she creates 3D abstract sculptures in front of live audiences.

Her latest piece “MesoMariposas” is an exploration of the Toltec and Mexica ancient belief that butterflies are the souls of those who have lived short lives. This piece is a mixture of 3D sculpting and AI.

HolaLuciaDiaz, "Wildy"

Lucia Diaz is a first-generation Colombian-American and the Founder of LUCIA DIAZ, a Latina-owned business that empowers and honors Latinas through high-quality Illustrations. Lucia’s artworks are created with the goal of providing cultural representation and pride so that mujeres poderosas can see themselves represented in the world.

Layla Pizarro, "Resilience"

Layla Pizarro is a Visual Feeling Art researcher and artist who is constantly experimenting with new concepts, ideas, and techniques. For Cu3ntos, she has minted a photograph of maize that was used in preparation of making Humitas, a traditional Chilean dish, during the height of the global pandemic.

“Latin-American cultures have been teaching their children about maize for millennia through stories. These stories are taught in many different languages but share a very similar origin story of the Aztec god, Quetzalcoatl, and as you go down into South America, the Sun God. The importance of maize goes beyond nourishment. It provides the community with purpose, working all together to cultivate and harvest. Each generation of our community grows stronger, smarter, and more resilient, along with the maize and our traditions.”

JenJoy Roybal, "Horse-man, Fire and the Book"

JenJoy Roybal is an artist, urbanist, writer, editor, and digital content creator. She is inspired by humanity’s oldest stories and artworks related to sacred rituals and sacred space.

“Horse-man, Fire and the Book” is a part of her new series inspired by the cuentos and pueblo Indian (Hopi & Zuni) story dances. To create this piece, she fed an AI with the story as she remembered it from her youth. The output resulted in a piece that reflected the nuances of memory, time, and projection.

“The viewer can draw their own conclusions about what tale is unfolding – in that way, I love playing with my memories while others project their own.”

drlemny, "Mama 'heard voices'"

Born in Harlem, NY, Dr. Lemny Perez is an Afro-Dominican writer, actress, psychologist, abstract NFT artist & collector. She is a curator for the NFT.Tips Search Light Curatorial team & is the former Coaching Lead & Secretary Board Member at the Dream Conduit, a carbon neutral non-profit DAO. Her latest piece, “Mama ‘heard voices'” pays homage to those who battle severe mental illness in her family and beyond.

“Mama- Matriarch
Born Halloween, 1925
2nd youngest of 12
U lost both parents by 16
Had 5 kids & married for 66 yrsYou drank warm lemon water every AM,
used food as medicine
& were tormented by p-noid,
auditory hallucinations—”

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Did you read our interview last week with Trish Gianakas? Check out her interview in last week’s 79AU here.

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Weekly Recap

79AU | 12.9 – 13

Featured Artworks of the Week

Erika Fujyama, F_world_2
J3NN1B33, The City

Mint Gold Dust Event Survey

In 2022, Mint Gold Dust welcomed our community to events in New York, Miami, Austin, Denver, and Los Angeles. Next year, find out if we’re hosting an event near you! Be the first to know about our upcoming events by filling out our 1-minute survey below.

Interview with Trish Gianakis

Courtesy of TrishgiaArt

Today, we’re speaking to artist Trisha Gianakis about her journey into Crypto Art, her history in the augmented and XR art space, and her plans for the future. Keep reading for a look at her artistry and process.

Tell us about your journey to the Crypto Art and NFT space.

I was introduced to CryptoArt in 2018 at the Art World Conference and have been following it until the technology got a little easier to use. I made my first NFT in Feb of 2021. 

TrishgiaArt, Oread's Untamed Beauty

What was your inspiration behind your piece, Mother Earth?

Mother Earth is part of my cancer survivor story. Gratitude for being alive and how all living things are connected on this planet. Starting with my obsession with trees and bark during cancer treatment, I later found out bark was in my cancer medication. I have created several RAKU sculptures (a Japanese style of pottery) of bark and female faces coming out of the bark. Now I am making NFTs in AR to complement the physical sculptures.

Trishgiart, Mother Earth

You teach augmented reality courses. Tell us about your history within the augmented and XR art space.

This past summer I was selected to collaborate on various programming/projects for the BronxNet TV as part of the BronxNet team to build a state-of-the art XR/VR/AR Lab and Video Production Studio.  I also teach at Bronxnet TV and at Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City. I have a Master’s Degree in Computer Art Installation from the School of Visual Arts in NYC. As far back as 1999, I created my first VR experience. I have always been on the forefront of digital art and technology. In 2007 I started learning about augmented reality. In my first AR experience, I used Unity (2017). The software has come a long way, and now I use several programs (Spark AR, Spatial, Blender, TiltBrush in Oculus Quest 2, and more).

TrishgiaArt, Proud Nature Spirit

How have you seen your artistry change as time goes on?

My art has changed with technology, but I still maintain my healing themes of nature, humanity, and peace. I am very excited about incorporating my physical art with digital art to create immersive artwork.

What are you working on now?

I am working on a couple projects:

1. ArtWorlds created with TiltBrush, Gravity Sketch, Blender 3D and can be experienced in Spatial. You can view my new Metaverse Artworld gallery here. Another Spatial gallery, viewable here, also has a portal to my work too.

2. My project for the Bronx involves creating a Geofence map using Illust.space with pinned locations that launch augmented reality stories about historical figures, sculptures or landmarks in the Bronx. Some of the AR stories I plan to feature include watching the Piccirilli Brothers carve the statue of Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.; visiting Myles Davis’ grave while listening to his music; and listening to an Edgar Allan Poe poem at the Poe Cottage. I will be building these experiences using the Oculus Quest Pro headset, Lidar 3D scanning equipment, and various software applications to adapt the 3D objects, video, stills and audio files into a format that can be imported into augmented reality. 

Missed our recap of our Fake Basel event earlier this month? Check out the highlights here

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Weekly Recap

79AU | 12.3 – 12.8

Featured Artworks of the Week

J3nn1B33, Airport Art
trogs, That I Like
mr.soul216, Portrait Of A Pimp

Mint Gold Dust x Fake Basel

Last Friday, we celebrated Art Basel week with our community and showcased the Theo’s Gallery genesis collection at Fake Basel. Artists included Nathan SonicMr. Yuk, and more.  The collection also showcased a selection of RAREPEPES, including a set of 6 with the first NFT from CZ (PBOCPEPE) from 2017. The evening was a celebration of the strength of our artist and collector community that we have built over the last year. Check out highlights from the event below.

A selection of physical works on display throughout the weekend with Fake Basel

Along with a live music performance from Otto Von Schirach, we hosted an exclusive one-lot auction, “The Theo Phone.” This iPhone was a mystery lot loaded with an exclusive selection of rare NFTs from Theo Goodmans’s personal collection. In the end, the phone went to Crypto Art collector and advisor Fanny Lakoubay.

The auction begins
The auction heats up
Fanny Lakoubay securing the winning bid for the "Theo Phone"

In addition, we hosted a second exhibition in Augmented Reality in partnership with Illust Space.

4everKurious on display in AR
Chazz Gold on display in AR

We were also excited to welcome artist Megan Troglio who re-created her recent NFT on Mint Gold Dust on canvas.

The virtual exhibition featured 15 artists from the Mint Gold Dust platform exhibiting works from a variety of disciplines including AI, digital painting, and more.

NFT Display

Stay tuned for more event announcements in 2023 from Mint Gold Dust! 

Photography: Nathaniel Portillo

Miss our interview with Mint Gold Dust artist Mila Sketch on her transition from murals to NFTs? Check out the conversation here

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EventsWeekly Recap

79AU | Art Basel Edition

Featured Artworks of the Week

Trishgiaart, "Mother Earth"
J3nn1B33, "Castle In The Sky"
Erika Fujyama, "F_world_6"

Mint Gold Dust x Fake Basel | 12/2/22

Join us tonight, December 2nd from 6-9pm, at 3400 Northwest 7th Avenue to celebrate the launch of the Theo’s Gallery genesis collection on Mint Gold Dust! “Humans & Animals,” curated by “The OG” Theo Goodman, includes exclusive new works from Nathan Sonic, Mr. Yuk, and Otto Von Schirach. It also features a selection of RAREPEPES, including a set of 6 that features the first NFT from CZ (PBOCPEPE) from 2017.


“The tension between the old and known, and the new and unknown increases…It is up to us to put thought to sound, hand to image, voice to story, and build the party that will destroy the legacy system to create new from the ash.” – Curator Theo Goodman 

The event will feature a digital gallery showcasing the works, a live NFT auction, and a live performance from Otto Von Schirach.

mryuk, "Rumpelstilskin"

We will also be exhibiting a second collection virtually in partnership with Illust Space. A selection of Mint Gold Dust NFTs will be geo-dropped into Augmented Reality around the venue. Artists include Chazz Gold, 4everkurious, Rakkaus Art, and more. Each piece can be discovered using your smartphone by navigating to the pins on our exclusive AR map on Illust Space. 

We look forward to celebrating and sharing art with you tonight!

Last week on 79Au, we interviewed Mint Gold Dust artist Mila Sketch on her transition from murals to NFTs. Check out the interview here

Ready to get started as an artist or collector on Mint Gold Dust? Check out our Metamask start up guide to get started. Ready to start minting? Apply to talk with our curatorial team today.

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