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79AU | 12.28-1.3

Featured Artworks of the Week

J3NN1B33, "Castle In The Sky"
Layla Pizarro, "Resilience"
J3NN1B33, "Optical Art"

New Year’s Curation – Reflection and Rebirth 

From all of us at Mint Gold Dust, we wish you and yours a Happy New Year!

At the start of every new year, there is a lot of talk of reflection and transformation. This cycle of the death of the old, and birth of the new. Sometimes, this transformation and rebirth comes from a redirection, a moment of enlightenment, or even a death of the self.

To celebrate the new year, the Mint Gold Dust team has curated a selection of six artworks that remind us of the power of transformation. We have a lot of exciting things coming your way in 2023, and we look forward to having you on the journey with us!

ButterfliesinSpace, "Butterfly Space Opera - 1"

Butterflies are universally viewed as a symbol of ultimate transformation. For this work, artist Butterflies in Space Joe created his own Space Opera using AI tools. In many ways, the dawn of open-source AI tools has ushered in a transformation in the Digital and Traditional Art space.

Chazz Gold, "Goddess Cerridwen"

In this piece by Chazz Gold, we see the Celtic Goddess Cerridwen undergoing a transformation born out of enlightenment, wisdom, and inspiration. This work reminds us that in order to welcome our new self, we must say goodbye to the old. 

Rakkaus Art, "Keep Going"

“Keep Going” by Rakkaus Art is a personal piece about the artist’s battle with JRA at a young age. The treatment for this bone disease was to inject gold into their body weekly. As the artist got older, they compared this treatment to the Japanese art form of Kintsugi, the art of repairing something broken with gold. The act creates something new out of the old while celebrating the imperfections.

Kelon, "PURE"

Water is an element that has long been revered as a symbol of healing and cleansing. In Kelon’s AR sculpture “Pure,” we see an adult figure made out of water, appearing to be in the womb. The work reminds us that the process of re-birth can happen at any stage of life.

Giovanni De Benedetto, "Premature 106"

One cannot be ready to face their new transformed reality without first engaging in self reflection. Giovanni De Benedetto’s “Premature 106” invites the viewer to reflect on our relationships with ourselves and fellow human beings, entering a meditative type state.  

Hypnomancer, "A Golden Return"

Rather than a straight line from life to death, “A Golden Return” by Hypnomancer depicts our life’s journey as paths merging, circling, and diverging with and around each other. We might enter as one person, and exit as another, but we must never forget the path that got us there.

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