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79AU | 11.2-8


Goldi Gold, From The Ground Up
Goldi Gold, BlockXchange
Goldi Gold, Visulazation
Goldi Gold is an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and entrepreneur who’s wearable portraits shine a light on contemporary icons and heroes. Goldi is a humble, generous, and supportive part of the Atlanta art community who’s always giving back to his fellow creatives. Originally from New Jersey, he’s called Georgia home for 20 years, with a resume that includes work with Georgia State University, Creative loafing, Art Beats + Lyrics, Spike Lee, The High Museum, and others.

Upcoming Events with Mint Gold Dust

Courtesy of Ballroom Marfa

Did you hear the news? The Mint Gold Dust team is coming to Marfa, Texas this week for Art Blocks and Miami, Florida for Art Basel from November 29th to December 5th! We’re thrilled to interact with our NFT community and have some very exciting events planned. To keep up with our schedule, make sure to follow our Twitter page for the most up-to-date information and message us if you’d like to connect. We hope to see you there!

Artist Interviews with @MintGoldCurator

Recently, we debuted @MintGoldCurator, an Instagram account created to stay connected with artists and act as a resource for our community. We post weekly interviews with a few of our artists about their inspirations, their creative notions, and what they see for themselves next. Today, we’re sharing interviews from Arabella, QueenEarth, and everyday research. Keep reading to hear them talk about how they utilize NFTs as an extension of their artistic practice.

Courtesy of Arabella


Living with terminal cancer, Arabella is navigating and writing her digital legacy through NFTs and the Blockchain. Her personal art combines a pop surrealist take on portraiture with biomorphic abstraction. ⁣

What inspires you about portraiture?

Portraiture has always been interesting to me because every decade seems to have its own aesthetic through the ages, as does each artist. No one person ever creates one that is the same. My favorite female artist is Tamara de Lempicka and she influenced the way I do my portraits because it was so different. Now that I am painting digitally and not with oils, my style has changed to meet the technology in a way. Portraits are for me the ultimate test; you can be doing it for years and still be learning. 

Don't Break A Nail
Arabella, Don't Break A Nail

Tell us about your upcoming NFT all-female group show.

I am part of a collective called the Super Psychedelic Sisters, and initially it was a way to onboard the other women. Then I realized we could create an immersive show with the goal of not only onboarding more women artists, but being the first show like it in the Midwest and beyond. Women only make up 16%-19% of Web3, and this won’t be a typical white cube with monitors exhibition like we’ve seen so often. We are creating a psychedelic garden along with physical art, too. I was met with a lot of pushback about this show, but I noticed if you say ‘digital art’, over ‘NFTs’, people are more receptive to the ideas around blockchain.

Arabella, Smoking Section

What’s one piece of advice you would give to fellow artists? 

Don’t ever copy someone else’s work and try to pass it off as your own, no matter how much you think you altered it. I see so many new artists in the space doing this. Study art and design history, and yes, use images to practice, but you are only hurting yourself by passing it off as your artwork. If you think no one will notice you took liberties with a fashion editorial buried in a 1996 copy of Harper’s Bazaar, you are wrong. Visual memory is a powerful thing, but don’t worry, you will come into your own style.


Courtesy of QueenEarth

QueenEarth’s visual art explores themes of the migrating Black Diaspora and merges her original photography and illustration into mixed media digital collages. She recently minted AI informed artworks on Mint Gold Dust for the Machine Dialogues collection, curated by Jenjoy Roybal. 

How has your art changed or evolved since diving into web3?

When I first started Web 3, I minted GAN art and photography. When I was finally ready to share my music (my greatest gift) no one believed it was me singing because my voice is so deep. I got bullied often. Since then I have stopped putting boxes around the type of art that I can create, and use social audio sparingly. My art is better than ever!

QueenEarth, Dreamer Handbook 00

What have you been inspired by lately?

I am always inspired by the movement of people in-and-out of cities and towns, houses in neighborhoods, and culture. Lately, my new camera is making me create better collages and uplevel my drawings and visual art. My wife inspires me. She paints at a level and volume that is unprecedented.

QueenEarth, Grief + Black Maternal Morality + Racial Tension

What can we see from you next?

Next, I really want to make the most of my connections in Web 3. I have ideas for children’s books, lyrics books to accompany my music, and 3-D renderings of some of my favorite images. I also would love to make merch. I’m excited for how my wife and I will grow as a creative couple because we really do inspire each other to make the best art of our lives.

everyday research

Courtesy of everday research
Born in Florida, raised in Hawai’i and now based in Austin, everyday research has professionally painted murals since 2013. He also travels the U.S. and overseas to paint live at music festivals. His versatile style is a mix of vibrant colors, fanciful elements, and composition that gives his work a feeling of movement. His intention with his work is to continue injecting positivity and inspiration into the hearts and minds of viewers while constantly progressing as a vessel of art.
Courtesy of everyday research
In your opinion, why can NFTs be a great medium for Street Artists like yourself?
There is a finite number of wall spaces in a city. Utilizing NFT’s to preserve murals allows more opportunities for artists and creates an archive of a digital museum of street art. 
everyday research, Here We Go
Tell us about your recent project with ATX DAO.
I was thrilled when ATX DAO approached me to paint a mural and turn it into an NFT as part of their art fund to support local artists. The mission of this project is for the artist to receive a portion of sales from the mural NFT and the other portion of the sales goes into a fund that will pay the next artist to paint another mural in Austin, and so on.

What has been inspiring you lately?

Lately, I have been inspired by the Austin artist community. It’s great seeing a lot of artists getting opportunities to create murals, art shows and events. And in the same way, it’s great seeing the love from the communities that support the arts.

Last week, we spoke with our CEO and Founder Kelly LeValley Hunt for a look back on our first year and her goals for our future. Read the full interview here.

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