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Erika Fujyama, F_world_2
J3NN1B33, The City

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Interview with Trish Gianakis

Courtesy of TrishgiaArt

Today, we’re speaking to artist Trisha Gianakis about her journey into Crypto Art, her history in the augmented and XR art space, and her plans for the future. Keep reading for a look at her artistry and process.

Tell us about your journey to the Crypto Art and NFT space.

I was introduced to CryptoArt in 2018 at the Art World Conference and have been following it until the technology got a little easier to use. I made my first NFT in Feb of 2021. 

TrishgiaArt, Oread's Untamed Beauty

What was your inspiration behind your piece, Mother Earth?

Mother Earth is part of my cancer survivor story. Gratitude for being alive and how all living things are connected on this planet. Starting with my obsession with trees and bark during cancer treatment, I later found out bark was in my cancer medication. I have created several RAKU sculptures (a Japanese style of pottery) of bark and female faces coming out of the bark. Now I am making NFTs in AR to complement the physical sculptures.

Trishgiart, Mother Earth

You teach augmented reality courses. Tell us about your history within the augmented and XR art space.

This past summer I was selected to collaborate on various programming/projects for the BronxNet TV as part of the BronxNet team to build a state-of-the art XR/VR/AR Lab and Video Production Studio.  I also teach at Bronxnet TV and at Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City. I have a Master’s Degree in Computer Art Installation from the School of Visual Arts in NYC. As far back as 1999, I created my first VR experience. I have always been on the forefront of digital art and technology. In 2007 I started learning about augmented reality. In my first AR experience, I used Unity (2017). The software has come a long way, and now I use several programs (Spark AR, Spatial, Blender, TiltBrush in Oculus Quest 2, and more).

TrishgiaArt, Proud Nature Spirit

How have you seen your artistry change as time goes on?

My art has changed with technology, but I still maintain my healing themes of nature, humanity, and peace. I am very excited about incorporating my physical art with digital art to create immersive artwork.

What are you working on now?

I am working on a couple projects:

1. ArtWorlds created with TiltBrush, Gravity Sketch, Blender 3D and can be experienced in Spatial. You can view my new Metaverse Artworld gallery here. Another Spatial gallery, viewable here, also has a portal to my work too.

2. My project for the Bronx involves creating a Geofence map using Illust.space with pinned locations that launch augmented reality stories about historical figures, sculptures or landmarks in the Bronx. Some of the AR stories I plan to feature include watching the Piccirilli Brothers carve the statue of Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.; visiting Myles Davis’ grave while listening to his music; and listening to an Edgar Allan Poe poem at the Poe Cottage. I will be building these experiences using the Oculus Quest Pro headset, Lidar 3D scanning equipment, and various software applications to adapt the 3D objects, video, stills and audio files into a format that can be imported into augmented reality. 

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