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This week, Mint Gold Dust caught up with Iovi Sacra Art about her unique work, Golden Rain, inspired by the ethos of Mint Gold Dust. 

Iovi Sacra Art is a NFT Artist and Visual Designer based in Italy. Her work aims to find beauty in imperfections and isn’t afraid to rewrite the rules. She muses, “I don’t settle for the visible world, I don’t want to be passive, I think that nothing is absolute. Breaking the rules of standardized processes I gave birth to my artworks: they are always different from each other, irreversible and unrepeatable.”

Check out our full interview with the artist below.

Iovi Sacra Art, Golden Rain
“Golden Rain with its Golden Drops, until they finally explode into billions of particles, both to spread light across the universe and to go back to the origins, where they were born.”

Tell us about the work you are presenting with Mint Gold Dust, Golden Rain

I’m proud to be part of Mint Gold Dust and to have been selected by a leading figure like Eleonora Brizi. This has meant the world to me. For this reason I wanted my first NFT to be a huge tribute to the platform.

First of all I wondered what were the elements characterizing to be distinguished in Mint Gold Dust such as light, gold, and dust. But I didn’t want to stop there. In addition to the visual aspect there was much more. So I asked myself: “What has not yet been done? How and what can I bring from our real world into the virtual world of the blockchain?” I wanted to test new ways of creation and give birth to something never done before, and as unique as Mint Gold Dust is for me.

Then Golden Rain was born. In the real world, we see rain as something sad and we can’t wait for the sun to come back. In the blockchain, in particular inside Mint Gold Dust, even the rain is different: made of gold and light, it becomes something precious, as it’s precious for an artist to be part of this community.

How was this artwork created from a technical standpoint?

Golden Rain is an animation made of 1000 quickly moving layers. To create this, I inverted a standardized process that should lead everyone to the same result, but I manipulate specific digital operations that always lead me to a different conclusion, if not opposite, to the one that this process would have produced if I hadn’t interacted with it. This artwork (and its creation process) is unique, irreversible, and unrepeatable.

You talk a lot about finding beauty in imperfections. Can you talk about why that inspires you? 

At one point I just asked myself, “What has marked your soul and mind? Can you feel the fire that roars deep within you? What is the tide towards the future?” And then everything has risen spontaneously.

I broke a circle, the perfect geometric figure, and made it my logo. It reflects myself and my vision of the world and it is always associated with my slogan “I try to find beauty in things that are imperfect. Like me.”

Logo Courtesy of Iovi Sacra Art

I have felt imperfect for many years in a world that would want me to be too perfect and promote values of absolute perfection (bodies, thoughts, job career, family) until, after years and years, I simply learned to accept myself and turn all my inadequacy into a plus.

I bring the same poetics into digital art, and I began to distort everything I was given by society,

Everything seems to be too perfect, too schematic, too preset, too symmetrical, and at the same time, so terribly unreal. With my photography manipulations, for example, I try to give life to an environment where, thanks to my art, I can feel more comfortable, free and real.

Iovi Sacra Art, No One is Going to Heaven with Dry Eyes
Iovi Sacra Art, You Only See What Your Eyes Want You to See

My abstract artworks arise from the same place of imperfection, from a sort of “digital error.” By breaking the rules of standardized processes, I gave birth to my artworks. They are always different from each other, irreversible, and unrepeatable.

Tell us a little about what you’re working on in 2022?

Creating this piece for Mint Gold Dust’s NFT Marketplace gave me a chance to do research and experiments in total freedom, expressing myself 100% and  has helped me to keep pushing all my limits. 

This experience has given me boundless energy for the future and given me belief in myself and artistic career. In 2022 I’ll keep looking for new ways of creation and manipulation, trying to go further, every time a little bit more.


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Mint Gold Dust is looking to bring on new members to the team.

Available Positions include: 

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Please email jobs@mintgolddust.com to apply. 

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