Hyper Aesthetics, "Winter - Melting Ice" (detail)

Part of the Four Seasons series, this artwork is inspired by the melting ice phenomenon and its implications. Check out other pieces from this series here.

bebber, "But Things Don't Really Change"

“The best way is not to fight it, just go.” – bebber

Sinuous Rills, "A NEW DANCE CRAZE CALLED ACID #003" (detail)

“Atlantic City isn’t what it once was, but it’s still there.” – Sinuous Rills


Mint Gold Dust will be hosting a live auction at ETH Denver’s Closing Party on February 20th at 6 pm MT in the Sports Castle. This event is a follow up to the successful auction at the NFT.NYC happy hour last fall where Mint Gold Dust placed a $500,000 Rare Pepe Nakamoto Card with Metakovan, the buyer of Beeple’s, Everydays: The First 5000 Days, among other rare and vintage NFTs.

“In years past at ETH Denver, I’ve had the opportunity to paint the walls, judge Hackathons, and enjoy being amongst some of the best Web3 developers in the world. This year the Mint Gold Dust team will bring an NFT live auction to ETH Denver for the Closing Party to share more vintage NFTs and crypto art on chain with our community. 2022 marks my 5th ETH Denver, and I’m excited to bring this new element to the event.” – Mint Gold Dust Founder and CEO Kelly LeValley Hunt

Auction lots will be announced on www.mintgolddust.com on Valentines Day.


This week, Eleonora Brizi and Seth were able to sit with Tony Barnes of the Hipgnosis Songs Fund to talk about how NFTs can be applied to the distribution of music, how artists can expect to use NFTs to create enhanced experiences for their fans and their communities, and begin to discuss how blockchain technology can help make sure royalties are actually paid to the artists for their work.

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