JAYKOE, "Citizens (Parkour II)" (still)

“This project commenced after exploring archaeological and architectural sites in Rome and around Napoli, layered with thinking around contemporary artistic expressions and movements such as Parkour. 

The research raised questions around the concept of citizenship and freedom of movement, the status of a citizen in Greco-Roman ethics through the Roman empire to the present times of migration crises.” – JAYKOE

Wanda Oliver, "Blue Planet #1"
Wanda Oliver, "Blue Planet #2"
Wanda Oliver, "Blue Planet #3"

Wanda Oliver is an experimental photographer based in Texas. Her photographic works are abstract and non-representational due to her unique treatment of chemical and light on photosensitive substrates.⁣⁠
“I am artist and mad scientist, always ready to ask, ‘what if?’ and set out to answer my own question.”⁣⁠
Her series “Blue Planet” is a tryptic that was inspired by surveying landscapes from above. All 3 pieces are available now on Mint Gold Dust. ⁣⁠
“Floating blue planet⁣⁠. Only refuge, only home,⁣⁠ Endangered Mother.”⁣⁠



The annual ETH Denver event is a member-owned community gathering that’s now grown to over 5,000 attendees, a festival of sorts. The ETH Denver ethos revolves around bringing diverse and creative people together for the common purpose of building in Web3, creating new financial infrastructures, and shaping the community at a local and international level all the while focusing on finance, art, music, governance, sustainability, and doing good.

As a part of their sponsorship, Mint Gold Dust will be hosting a live auction at the event’s closing ceremony on February 20th at the Sports Castle. This event is a follow up to the successful auction at the NFT.NYC happy hour last fall where Mint Gold Dust placed a $500,000 Rare Pepe Nakamoto Card with MetaKovan, the buyer of Beeple’s, Everydays: The First 5000 Days, among other rare and vintage NFTs.

MetaKovan and Paulina Vega at the Mint Gold Dust Happy Hour Auction | November 2021

“In years past at ETH Denver, I’ve had the opportunity to paint the walls, judge Hackathons, and enjoy being amongst some of the best Web3 developers in the world. This year the Mint Gold Dust team will bring an NFT live auction to ETH Denver for the Closing Ceremony to share more vintage NFTs and crypto art on chain with our community. 2022 marks my 5th ETH Denver, and I’m excited to bring this new element to the event.”

— Mint Gold Dust Founder and CEO Kelly LeValley Hunt

Mint Gold Dust Happy Hour Auction | November 2021

The live auction will feature the G of the OG’s, TheOG Goodman as auctioneer and Breezy’s Eleonora Brizi as the auction curator. The auction will include several rare NFTs as well as a rare sighting of a few Buffalo-Unicorns, aka “Bufficorns,” courtesy of the ETH Denver team. Auction lots will be available to view on Valentine’s Day at www.mintgolddust.com.


In the world of cryptoart, and increasingly the world at large, Hackatao needs no introduction. 

A pair of artists who live and work together outside Milan, they are true originals in the digital art world, both in their immediately identifiable aesthetic as well as their status as early pioneers of the symbiosis of art and blockchain.  Their immense artistic vision has led to high profile artistic collaborations but, as always, they tirelessly continue to create, experiment and explore their own artistic roadmap and the ever-unfolding possibilities of the blockchain.

The duo joins us on the podcast to talk about Gold Dust and their unique piece for Mint Gold Dust’s Genesis 8 series, “PRIMORDIAL.”

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