Chris Nacht, "Vitruvio Underground"
Joyce Korotkin, "Occurrence: Species 1/ Proliferation"
Allan Linder, "Universal Power"

Cryptic Gallery is a street art gallery and web3 studio based in Poughkeepsie, NY. For years, they have been hosting mural events in their backyard, but it was always a bittersweet moment to paint over older murals to make way for new ones. By documenting, animating, and minting these vibrant works on chain, they can now come alive on the walls of the metaverse.

Check out Cryptic’s first NFT collection, Murals on the Chain, available now. Preview the collection below, and be sure to check out each piece on Mint Gold Dust to see them come to life.

Want to learn more about the people behind the gallery? Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of our Twitter Spaces with founder Ovid Forest.

Annabelle Popa, "Jungle King"

Jungle King was painted for the May 2021 Cryptic Mural Jam and measures 12 Feet x 22 Feet. The featured character, “Fex” is Annabelle’s signature monster who has many styles and transformations. Here he is in his Jungle form with a bright spotted pelt paired with a tiki totem and fire breathing capabilities.

John Breiner, "Fried Flights"

Fried Flights was created to harness the feeling, and freedom found in Breiner’s sketchbooks. Whereas most of his murals are thought out with a more direct narrative, Fried Flights celebrates all those lucid thoughts and dreams that inhabit Breiner’s mind when it is turned off and that rarely ever make it out of my sketchbooks.

Ramiro Davaro-Comas and Grace Lang, "LURKERS"

Painted for the Cryptic Mural Fest in May 2021. 

BoogieREZ, "Take it to the TOP"

“If you wanna make it to the top you have to stay hungry and hustle hard. But the journey there is all about Balance, so always be sure to have fun and do your best to impact and inspire those around you on the way.” – BoogieREZ

Heste Lauder, "HAL(P)"

“They told me just one voyage to jupiter…” – Heste Lauder

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