Rakkaus Art, "Nail Biter"

Rakkaus is an intuitive multimedia artist interested in creation, connection, compassion and storytelling. Constantly pushing boundaries and experimenting with various techniques and materials, each creation is vibrant and unique. with its own story.

“I create visual stories from the energy and experiences on my life journey, everything starts with a feeling.” – Rakkaus

This piece “Nail Biter” began as a mixed media digital abstract work and transformed into a figurative piece whose rich and vibrant colors create an interesting collision of textures and marks.

Diego Pimentel, "DOOM"

Portrait in memory of “Metal Face Doom.” This work was originally a mixed media painting on wood and was then animated by Cryptic Co.


At Mint Gold Dust, we believe that every NFT has a story, and our memoir feature is the place to do just that. The feature was created to bridge the gap between the artist and collector and track the artwork’s personal history through storytelling.

This week, we revisit our deep dive on how memoirs can benefit the artist and collector by building a provenance of commentary and discourse.

Nucara, “Monky Mint Gold Dust"

When an artist mints a new work on the platform, they are able to write a memoir entry that is attached to the work. This can be more info on what their inspiration was behind the piece, a story about the creation process, or even just their general feelings about the piece. It’s a place that allows artists to share their personal connection to the piece outside of the typical art description attached to the token.


Once a collector buys a piece and holds the token, the memoir travels with it. The collector now has their own opportunity to add on to the story that was started by the artist and share their connection to the piece, why they collected it, or even why they support the artist. A collector and viewer’s connection to the piece might vary from the artist’s own point of view, so this allows the collector to share their side of the story.

In many ways, this feature takes the connectivity of Discord and Twitter into the platform itself.


As the piece travels hands, the memoir travels with it. The memoir becomes a written record of the ledger, not only sharing who owns the piece, but what attachment they had to it.

The memoirs make the artwork buying process less transactional and more personal, building a strong foundation between the artist and the collector. 

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