Mint Gold Dust is a curated NFT platform and ecosystem focused on highlighting artist and collector voices while promoting quality over quantity. The unique platform offers an always-on, 24/7 artist marketplace, a creative studio for NFT creators, and managed service Whitelabel solutions for digital and physical NFTs.

For NFT Paris, Mint Gold Dust presents their genesis collection and selections from their marketplace, alongside curatorial powerhouse Breezy.


In the Chinese language, the pronunciation of the number 8, “ba,” is very similar to that of the word prosper, “fa,” making the number 8 the most auspicious of all the numbers.

For the Genesis 8 series, we asked our 8 artists to express what Gold Dust is for them through the filter of their artistic vision, style, and techniques. For some, it evokes nostalgia and remembrance. For others, it’s the primal spark of creation and nature.

For us, Gold Dust is something very special. Every object, and by extension every person, possesses inherent worth as well as the innate potential to metamorphose into something far greater than its present state.

Bard Ionson, Mysterious Value

Bard Ionson’s piece Mysterious Value was created by training an AI model to create its own version of a Challenge Coin. In the US, these coins are given out as a reward for working on special projects or being top performers and have taken on a life of their own as collector’s items. The coins themselves held no material value, but the riches and mysticism lie in the stories they tell. LEARN MORE

Gisel Florez, Space in Touch

Gisel Florez began her artistic journey through the lens of a camera. Eventually, her lifelong pursuit in the development of her own unique visual language and her love of light play led her naturally to the vast potential in the digital art world. Her piece Space in Touch was inspired by analyzing physical responses associated to interacting within an exponentially digitized life & economy. This piece references the energetic response to a physical touch. LEARN MORE

Giant Swan, Metamorphosis

Giant Swan sculpts stunning, exquisitely detailed, ethereal creations.  However he does not chip away at marble or mold clay; instead he plies his craft with a headset and controllers in the multi-dimensional medium of virtual reality.  The pliable fabric of virtual reality allows for his conception of movement and form a freer reign than a static medium ever could and produce eternally memorable work. LEARN MORE


In Hackatao’s creation process, the stream of consciousness takes the shape of a stream of drawings. In the perpetuous and unstoppable flux of drawings that come to life from the unconscious, our inner demons and unspoken thoughts come to visit us and manifest in the form of art. In this artwork, the artists duo Hackatao goes even further, beyond the stream of visual manifestations, until reaching the matter itself. The duo keeps a jar of the left over art materials they have after a project that is filled with pencil nubs and graphite. To create this PRIMORDIAL, they used these left over materials to create something new.  LEARN MORE

Mueo, Transformation at the Gates of Eternity

Stuart Ward (Mueo) shines a penetrating spotlight on the world of repetitive form in his works. Stuart Ward’s Transformation at the gates of eternity expresses a duality between denotative and connotative messages to create a sense of tension. From a denotative perspective, the piece is glossy and beautiful to look at, while from a connotative perspective, the artwork shows an intense moment of struggle and transformation of incomparable magnitude. LEARN MORE

Lily Honglei, The Butterfly Lovers

Lily Honglei’s art explores the duality of opposing forces and the ensuing result as well as their experience as immigrants and Asian Americans.  Their work remains consistent and ripe with humanity as they explore and sample a variety of mediums, from AR art, to VR art, to video art as well as more traditional static mediums.  In this piece, The Butterfly Lovers, Lily Honglei symbolically highlight the dichotomy of having dignity and pride of their heritage while also experiencing the profound loneliness and isolation that comes with deep seated prejudices against the Asian American community. LEARN MORE

Ben Snell, Ritual Nature

Ben Snell is a creative force whose works explore the meeting ground of technology and humanity while revealing the act of the creation as much as the production of the actual piece itself. Snell’s Ritual Nature intertwines the observer and the observed. The piece uses a sculptural interpretation of image-making that strips away the light and color of a photograph, leaving something raw and wild in its place. LEARN MORE

Lapin Mignon, Anatomie d'Une Poussiere d'or

Lapin Mignon is known for her deeply personal and mesmerizing artworks. Her piece Anatomie D’Une Poussière d’Or began in a meditative state thinking about what gold dust might mean to her. From that, flashes of abstract shapes, color, and 80s inspired motifs began coming to mind. LEARN MORE


Mint Gold Dust features highly curated artworks from established and up and coming digital artists. 

Iovi Sacra Art, Golden Rain

“In the blockchain, in particular inside MINT GOLD DUST, even the rain is different: made of gold and light, it becomes something precious, as it’s precious for an artist to be part of this community. Golden Rain with its Golden Drops, until they finally explode into billions of particles, both to spread light across the universe and to go back to the origins, where they were born: MINT GOLD DUST.” – Iovi Sacra Art

Le Visionnaire Sur La Lune, Made in Abyss

“In Made in abyss, I tried to personify the feeling of when you can’t take it anymore, when you get stuck and can’t find solutions to get out of it – almost as if you were drowning and could not do anything to avoid it.” – Le Visionnaire Sur La Lune

Svccy, Masks

“In this increasingly crowded society of temptations and challenges we find ourselves having to adapt in order to ‘survive’ among the people. More and more frequently we are faced with situations where people hide what they really are for fear of being judged and labeled.” – Svccy

Masha Ermeeva , Embrace

Embrace is derived from the artist’s original painting on canvas. It symbolizes the power of physical touch, translating a sense of human connection, kindness, support, security, and love.” – Masha Ermeeva

Dominique Czerednikow, Dream Variation

“This artwork has two souls, physical (oil on canvas) and digital. Dream Variation was first created in oils in 2016, re-created and painted digitally with Procreate in 2018 and animated with After Effects in 2021.” – Dominque Czerednikow

Hyper Aesthetics, Autumn Pond

“Part of the Four Seasons Series. This work, Autumn Pond, was inspired by the vibes and feelings of the autumn season. Pond with leaves and reflections of the skies above.” – Hyper Aesthetics

Ryota Nomura, GO! GO! RAIN!

“Amura of the thousands rains.” – Ryota Nomura


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